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Hello , Welcome to Acier Doux , To begin with can you write a short introduction to Nuclear Terror ?

Greetings to Acier Doux Webzine readers , this is Kostas from Nuclear Terrror ! Few words about the band. The band was formed in Athens, Greece started being actually active and have a live activity since 2012. It actually started as a Heavy Metal band, but later it took its more thrasy path I’d say, and later on, exploring even more genres, it has become a mix really. 

Your first EP “Contaminated Salvation” was released on digital format in  February 1st, 2014, How are the reactions of the metal crowd ? Are you satisfied with the comments you could have gathered ? Was there also a limited CD pressing, or it was only digital ? 

Yeap it was released in physical form in the first place, but recently we decided to upload the whole thing in Bandcamp, so people can enjoy this first release for free, given that it’s already 3 years old haha !  Well, the comments were actually very good for the EP, giving us a boost to write more stuff and keeping it alive !

The band’s lyrics focus pure War, Politics subjects . Is that something that you have an interest in, ? Is it difficult to find subjects not already taken ?

In fact, we took the traditional thrashy path in the EP, writing about usual thrash themes, from our perspective. But later we decided to write about maybe again social/politic/warfare/psychological themes, but referring to them through stories or real events that was kinda fascinating for us. You know, we are no professional lyricists or something to invent subjects from the start, but I think with this an interesting method to share your thoughts. For example, warfare is a very fascinating subject for us, but in a track in the new record, there’s a reference to it through an illness called Shellshock, a meta-traumatic shock actually from the harshness of the battlefield.

The music of Nuclear Terror is Louder and Thrasy , or almost always. Was your goal to be as this way to play as possible? If the band had appeared a few years later, do you think you might have used blastbeats in a so extensive manner? In the mid to late 90’s it was the way to be the most extreme If it was well done?

Haha ! Well there’s a strong death metal influence in the band, so being open-minded to a well-placed blastbeat can never hurt! Though, it’s not the blastbeats or the growly vocals, or the low-tuned guitars that determine how extreme a record is, in my opinion. I mean Slayer never used blastbeats and sounded hellish and extreme since Show no Mercy. So if the band started a bunch of years later, then we would have decided what is more accurate for this occasion, the goal is to create a killer album, that we’d enjoy to hear, as well as the fans would enjoy it. 

I wonder if you listen to your new release immediately after you finish it or do you give it some time before listening to it ?

We surely gave it a long time before we starting recording it. I think it’s the best way to create a very mature album, because through time you can rewrite some parts, and generally making even better .

Tell us about your weekly practices ! How many times a week do you rehearse , and in what kind of conditions does it occur? Is it in an old garage, a hangar, in your own house? Maybe there are affordable “rehearsing studios” in Greece ?

We are rehearsing around 2 times a week, in a rehearsal studio in Athens and it is very affordable yet keeping a high quality of services. We were quite lucky with that haha !

Are you working for the Debut album ?

Yes, we are during the recording process, nearly finished it actually.

So what is the situation with the Thrash metal scene in your location ? How do you see the scene evolving through time ?

I’d say we were lucky to find ourselves in such a great scene such as the Greek Trash metal scene. Already many bands have achieved tremendous things, such as Bio-Cancer, Chronosphere, Exarsis and a lot more. There’s a lot of talent in there and hopefully this generation of bands can be an example for the newer to come. Plus there’s no fun if there’s no scene. I’d tell this is a healthy competition for us all.

Do you think fans are at times unrealistic in terms of the type of sounds they want to be hearing from you all ?

Every band can decide if it will stay on its roots or try to explore other stuff. Fans in most occasions demand from the bands to keep repeating themselves in doing the same records again and again, that’s the most unrealistic thing I can think of. As musicians and most of all humans, you can’t stay the same.

What do you think about European Thrash metal in General? Many bands are very well over

Of course there’re a lot of bands out there making very high quality stuff, since 1985. I can think of many that has been a major influence to us both old and new !

What kind of merchandising do you currently have for sale ?

We currently have the physical copy of the “Contaminated Salvation” EP, the related t-shirt and a bunch of patches coming up for free with the EP+T-shirt bundle !

What are the future plans for Nuclear Terror ? feel free to conclude and consume ! Thanx for the answers ! 

Well, our future plans are to make a streak of good albums and definitely share our love in making music with everyone out there. I can’t think how much more anyone playing in a band would want. We are not living at the times where rockstars were made, like the 80s, but we definitely can enjoy everything Heavy Metal has to offer and having the right to express through it! Thanks again to Acier Doux Webzine and all its readers for keeping it alive! Cheers !

Interviewer : Speedskullcrusher

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