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Hello and Welcome to Acier Doux , could you give us an introduction to your band: Black Hole ? Do not hesitate to introduce a long biography since most of your readers probably don’t know about the band !

Black Hole was founded in 1997 but after many many change of line up I personnaly think the adventure realy begin 2005 when we begin to compose and work more seriously on our music after the  arrival of Matthieu (2003) who brings a more professionnal impulsion to the band. And after other line up changes we integrated our new Singer Fabio you will hear on our next album. I don’t want to go in explication about why this one or an other wanted to leave the band but you must know it’s very difficult to find musicians who are able to play together , liking the same music, having the same motivation, sometimes people have personnal difficulties, professionnal choices to made, this way playing in a band is at first of all a human adventure and that’s what we actually looking for,  the human beeing. And I realy feel that with this line up we will be able to make something very intersting.
What did you do on a musical point of view between of Balck Hole ? Is there something released before the last EP ‘Lost World’ wich we know it ?

 First of all I want to say that Lost World isn’t a EP. The  two songs “Lost world and Better days”are part of our up coming Album “Lost World” we are actually recording. We decide to put this two songs on our web site and music platforms like Bandcamp and Soudcloud to make promotion for the band, to find concert and perhaps a label to make the distribution of  Lost World. If we don’t find any distribution we will make a digital distribution but actually we would realy like to bring it out physicaly.  Before this Album we produced two CD’s “Children of the Sun” and  “Victim of illusion”but they never been distributed. They help us to make concert  as support band before  Nightwish, Rage, Evergrey, John Oliva Pain, Firewind, Nightmare, Circle II Circle, Jeff Scott Soto, Killers, Vulcain, Shakra…
Can you tell me what are/were the band-members’ side projects if there were some? If so was there something recorded or even released? Hope it isn’t meant to remain top secret and ignored by most !!!

Hahaha noooo there aren’t big secrets about black hole’s members, none of us used to play in well known bands as Motorhead or Iron Maiden. Fabio our singer use to play in coverbands and in a  band who support an association “la maison de Lilian” the “Black Honor Project” with more than 20 musicians in way to help the association. It’s there I heard him at the first time singing a cover from Iron maiden “Run to the hill” and yeahh it was great. According to Matthieu  our Guitarist he also plays in a progressif metal band called “Arcadia”they are actually working on their new album. Patrick our bassplayer is also playing in a band called “Korgan” they recorded a 5 titles Ep called “Faith Healer”and they are actually working on a new album with their new singer. According to me I’m member of two other bands” Syr daria” we made in 2007 and whith which I recorded two albums “Circus of life “
 and “Voices”you can find by Brennus Music. I also play with “Lonewolf” since 2014 we made two album together “Cult of Steel” and “Heathen Dawn”you can find by massacre records. We are actually working on the 9th album of the band coming out at the end of the year.
How would you define your musical style ? What are the biggest influences for Black Hole ? Between the Hard and the Heavy metal riffs, you do have melodic riffs from here and there, tell me more about it ?  
Heavy melodic at more some times we have more symphonic songs or some progressive or heavy rock songs. Our guitariste Matthieu is guitar teacher and he well knows harmony rules and always want to try new things in songs for the band. We also like a lot changing  atmosphere in the same song to make them sound our own way and try to make something different even if we know that all have almost been done in music. Our influences are Stratovarius, Helloween, Iron Maiden , Symphony X, Nightwish ….

Who is the main composer in Black hole ? Does everybody bring riffs and ideas ?

Matthieu is composing the main riffs and melodies. Then he brings it at rehersal and we take time with all the band to made the songs sound good for every one by changing the structures so it becames a work from every members. On this album I wrote all textes but now Fabio will made it for the next album ( we already working on )  It’s easier when the singer can do it by himself  and we some times help him, Matthieu and me. About the meaning of our songs we have no fantasy or political influences we just talk about real life, things which hurt us generaly when you look information or more personnal things like loosing some one we love when he die, or the relationship of a father to his children …Better days is talking about someone living his country to live in a new town all alone and he has to rebuild his life, Lost world is more about all those who decide for us in governement just by thinking about money and not looking about the real problems in the world .

Why do you play Heavy metal ? What does Heavy metal means for you ?

Heavy metal is the kind of music we like and which we listen to since many years, so we play it naturaly. Personnaly I was a big fan of Rock and Hard rock but my way of playing drum (I m playing very loud) who brings me to play Heavy metal and since then I never play something else. It’s  a way of life, metal heads are  a community almost a familly sometimes. When we go to see concerts it’s to see bands on stage but also to spend times with friends who have the same passion for the same music.  
France seems not too big scene of  Heavy Metal and old school bands,to the point there might be brutal gigs in every big town each week end ! Do you think there’s a reason for this ? Is the beer so hot in France or is it due to the big amount of enslaving-factories? Any new coming coming Gigs for Black hole , we should check out ? 
I’m not sure there are so many bands playing heavy metal in France for sure there ‘s a revival of true heavy metal bands or older band from 80’s which made a come back .For a few years you only see black metal bands then death or trash, it’s like a fashion in a moment when there is a new big band coming out on internationnal. It also depends about the region where you are in Francebut for sure it doesn’t depend about beer or Factories hahaha. There will always be beer in metal concert in France. About new coming Gigs we have one at the end of the year on 28th october for the association “La maison de Lilian “ with “The Black Honor Project V” and we are also working on dates for next year to pormote “Lost World”which we expect will be out at the end of the year if we find a distribution (Yess it’s a call hahaha)

Now it’s one more time the moment to answer the final cult question! I leave you the last words to conclude this interview! Add whatever is needed ! 
At first, thank you for your interest about Black Hole I hope it will brings us new heavy metal friends and perhaps fans in Tunisia. And for all those who read your webzine, keep on discovering supporting new bands by taking time listening to  music and by comming to concert. From Tunisiait’s a little bit far away  but who know? Perhaps one day we’ll have the opportunity to come to play for you, it would be a pleasur and till then” keep on rocking !!!!” and thank you  Med Manef Slama and “Acier doux metal”

Interviewer : Speedskullcrusher

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