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Hello! Since Elvenstorm it’s  a new band you might have a great  history to tell us… So here follows the usual question: Introduce the band to our brutal readers, and give us the most important points of your biography ?

We are coming from France, close to Grenoble, the hometown of Lonewolf, Nightmare .. The band started in 2008 and we released 3 records with Inferno Records : “Of Rage and War” in 2011, “Blood Leads to Glory” in 2014 and “Soulreaper” in 2015.

Where and how did you record releases ? The production is good, powerful and quite Heavy ! Even thought the level of  recordings has increased through the years, your sound really good and it keeps the band in the higher level always ?

We recorded each albums at different places, “Blood Leads to Glory” was mixed in Germany by Lars Ramcke, the mastering was done by Piet Sielck so, the whole thing sounds really Germanized. For “Soulreaper” and the new album, we recorded in our own studio, but the mixing and mastering will be done in Germany again. It’s important for us to have a good sound on our records. Of course we don’t have the same money situation than Metallica or Iron Maiden but we try to do our best.

Elvenstorm is a cool band name, I whould  like to have more infos about the choice of this.  It sounded good and heavy for us, that’s the main reason. What are your main influences ? 

The main influences of the band are without any doubt Running Wild, the early Helloween and Grave Digger. I’m a huge fan of the German heavy metal scene from the 80’s but from nowadays too (Stormwarrior, Paragon, Wizard …) We are also really influenced by some other kind of bands like Dissection and Bathory.

What was the initial goal behind the band and what motivated you to create it? 

The initial goal was to write our page , as little as it would be, in the giant heavy metal history book. We were not looking for money or fame, we were led by our metal hearts.

Was it easy to find the suitable musicians and are everything okey on a line-up point of view?

No, definitively not , In France and everywhere, it’s not easy to find good and ambitious musicians who breath Heavy Metal to form a band. We had the chance to find the right guys at the right time. Actually the new line up is really great and we are really proud about it.

The band is formed by musicians who were or still take part of some quite well known formations in France ,Tell us more about it. Who created the band and who is the creative force? When was the band created, and how long did it take to compose the debut releases ? 

I created the band with Laura in 2008 , We both always managed to take the best decisions in the good and bad times, and to write the best songs for the band. There’s really a great alchemy between us as all songs are generally wrote together. I bring the musical background and she brings every vocal lines and melodies and harmonies. This is really a chance for me to work with her and we are both really proud of what we achieved, and the story is not over

Have you got new songs ? How many exactly ? Does it all follow the same style ?

Yes we just finished the recordings of the new album, it’s actually in the hands of Lars Ramcke for mixing. We recorded ten new songs and a Stormwarrior cover that is not on the album. We uploaded this cover online few days ago. This is another step higher than all our previous records, this is definitively the best album we ever recorded. We worked a lot on the arrangements, harmonies, and guitars. All songs are really powerful and sounds heavy as fuck  but there’s a dark atmosphere all along the album.
It reflects very well the  mood and the way we wrote these new songs.
Of course this is still in the same vein than what we did in the past, but it’s sounds different. I’m really looking forward to release this new one. 

What makes the difference between Elvenstorm  and another Heavy  metal band ?  Are you more obscure, more technical, faster?

We don’t try to sounds different than any other heavy metal formation. The only thing that is different is the German riff machine style with clear feminine vocals , But we play what we love, and what makes our hearts beat. We are more obscure than Helloween, faster than Candlemass and more technical than the Misfits hahahaha

If a listener doesn’t seem to be too much interested by your music at the first approach, how would you convince him to pay a closer attention and to try to get in the ring ?

Good question …. no idea , I hate to force people to be honest. If you don’t like it , don’t listen it because “If it’s not in your blood, you will never understand” to say Kai Hansen’s words.

What do you think  about France Metal scene ? 

The French scene is really great because of the new generation we are part of . There’s some killer bands such like Hurlement, Silverwind, Electric Shock, Hexecutor that are far better than the bands from the 80’s. To my opinion, much of the rebirthed bands from the 80’s just pollute the rise of the new bands. Except ADX and Nightmare that still record good albums, much of the others just live on their past “glory” without faith and passion.

It seems you’re all busy, so many things should occur in the future of the band  What are your projects, and would you promise something to the remaining legions of Heavy metallers, Thanx for the answers.

Of course as I joined Lonewolf last year, I’m really busy but also really lucky to be part of the two most germanized french heavy metal bands. For Elvenstorm our current project are to release the new album and then to get back on the road to promote it. I’m really looking forward this new chapter of the band to be written. Thanks for your questions and your interest in the band !

Interviewer : Speedskullcrusher

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