Krypt – Great Spawn of the Worms of the Earth

KRYPT, erupting from the dynamic streets of Augusta, GA, is primed to unleash a fierce torrent of metal with their latest work, the Great Spawn of the Worms of the Earth EP, dropping on July 26, 2024, through Terminus Hate City. The lineup—Julian Chew on lead guitar and vocals, Adam Dickerson hammering the drums, Brandon Carpenter anchoring the bass with backing vocals, and Tim Fauls shredding on lead guitar—has carved out a formidable presence in the crossover thrash world. The upcoming EP, forged in the fires of West End Sound in Atlanta with Tom Tapley at the helm and mastered by the adept Matthew Carmichael, delves into themes of corruption, internal strife, and relentless survival against a backdrop of societal decay.

Since their inception in early 2019, KRYPT has been synonymous with ferocity and unrelenting power, their music a relentless barrage of riffs infused with both blackened and death metal influences. Their sound, deeply rooted in the traditions of old-school Bay Area metal and echoing the ferocity of the Big Four, delivers a potent blend of aggression and complex melodies that resonate deeply with any fan of heavy metal. The unexpected death of their original bassist was a brutal blow, yet Brandon’s integration into the band brought a fresh surge of raw energy and depth, solidifying their line-up and driving them forward. Influenced by the likes of EXODUS and TERROR, their sound is a brutal fusion of thrash’s merciless speed and hardcore’s aggressive defiance.

KRYPT’s journey has been a relentless climb, marked by high-octane performances and recognition that echoes through the underground metal scene, leaving a trail of memorable chaos and forging a path littered with accolades and shout-outs from the metal community’s toughest critics.

With the release of the Great Spawn of the Worms of the Earth EP, KRYPT is not just dropping a collection of tracks—they’re issuing a defiant roar, a call to arms for anyone who’s felt the sting of betrayal or the crush of the system. This EP is a declaration of war against complacency, a manifesto of their unyielding spirit to fight, scream, and thrash their way through the mire.

You are beckoned to dive into the tumult that is KRYPT’s music as they continue their ascent. They promise not just to play music, but to ignite a movement with every riff, every shout, every beat—a relentless force in the world of thrash, unapologetically fierce and unforgiving.

About KYRPT:

Krypt is a powerhouse of thrash metal hailing from Augusta, GA, known for their fierce and unrelenting sound that melds classic thrash with blackened and death metal influences. Formed in late January 2019, the band consists of Julian Chew on lead guitar and vocals, Adam Dickerson on drums, Brandon Carpenter on bass and backing vocals, and Tim Fauls on lead guitar. They quickly signed to Terminus Hate City Records, carving out a niche within the metal community with their intense energy and aggressive musical style.

Drawing inspiration from the old-school Bay Area thrash scene and the legendary Big Four, Krypt infuses their music with a modern ferocity that appeals to a broad spectrum of metal fans. Their dynamic performances and raw, emotive music have earned them a formidable reputation on the live circuit and a devoted following among those who crave the raw edge of heavy, uncompromising metal.

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