Gloria Perpetua – The Darkside We Wanna Hide

Rockshots Records is thrilled to announce the signing of Gloria Perpetua for the release of their debut album, “The Darkside We Wanna Hide”. Set to make waves in the heavy metal scene, this first full-length features ten powerful tracks and showcases collaborations with renowned musicians from diverse backgrounds, including Timo Tolkki (ex-Stratovarius), Vitor Rodrigues (Native Blood, Tribal Scream, Torture Squad), Luis Mariutti (Sinistra, Shaman, Angra, Firebox), João Noleto, Vitor Veiga (Aquaria, Endless), Guilherme Hirose (NorthTale, Traumer), Marcelo Kalunga (solo), and Oruam (Deadly Fate).

​Gloria Perpetua hails from the Amazon rainforest region in Brazil, an area often overlooked in the heavy metal circuit. Despite the challenges, the band is determined to stand out and make an impact. Their sound is best described as heavy, fast, and epic. The album blends diverse influences, appealing to both traditional metal fans and power metal enthusiasts with a killer thrash metal finale that’s sure to please.

Influenced by bands like Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Helloween, Stratovarius, and Accept, Gloria Perpetua’s music offers a thrilling mix of Heavy and Power Metal. Their lyrics focus on themes of self-responsibility, positive change, and fighting for a better world.

Track Listing:​
1. Let There Be Darkness (Daniel Fuchshuber)
2. Beyond The Darkness Portal (Daniel Fuchshuber feat. Luís Mariutti, Christian Passos, Raphael Dantas)
3. Have You Forsaken The Cross? (Daniel Fuchshuber feat Marcelo Kalunga)
4. Mothers of Jerusalem (Daniel Fuchshuber)
5. The Angels Are Calling (Daniel Fuchshuber feat.Vitor Veiga)
6. The Rape of Gaia (Daniel Fuchshuber feat. Guilherme Hirose)
7. The Architect (Daniel Fuchshuber feat. Timo Tolkki & Vitor Veiga)
8. The Key of Life (Rogério Byron)
9. The Way of a Warrior (Rogério Byron feat. João Noleto)
10. The Sick Cycle To The Death (Daniel Fuchshuber feat. Vitor Rodrigues)

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