Morbid Cross – Interview

Country: USA

Genre: Thrash Metal 

Interview with: Zach Marcus

Interviewer: Speedskullcrusher

Hello, welcome to Acier Doux , what’s up? Can you write an introduction to the band?

Hi I’m Zach Marcus of Morbid Cross and we’re just here for a good time, and to kick your ass with music.

Most of your releases have been released on physical formats, including the often maligned formats of CDR. How important are physical releases to Morbid Cross?

Physical formats of music whether it be vinyl, cassettes, or even cds is extremely important to us. We are fans first! We collect physical forms of music. It’s awesome holding vinyl in your hand. Looking at it whilst listening to the music. So it’s very important to us as a whole!

It’s clear that Morbid Cross is influenced by the old school Thrash Metal of the late 80’s and early 90’s, especially bands out of California and New York. What specific bands have been influential in shaping the sound of Morbid Cross?

Jeeze that’s a really loaded question. well, we just did 6 dates with Death to All, so I honestly have to say Death is a huge influence. Honestly though we all have our own things we like that we bring into this band. And common ground stuff. we all love Judas Priest, we don’t even hide it obviously. But we love our own brands of metal. We love hardcore. Death Metal, NWOBHM. We all definitely love seventies rock. But yea each of us in this band sprinkle in our own tastes into the music that we create as Morbid Cross, and it definitely shows.

Do you have plans to release a full length or new music any time soon?

We are releasing an EP soonish. Don’t have a set date or anything. But yes, new music will be out within the year!

Which equipment do you use to have such a great sound on your music?

The equipment the guys use I know stove (guitar) uses a Marshall amp and usually Gibson guitars. Nick (guitar) has a splawn amp and mainly uses his Jackson Kelly live. Alex(bass) has an orange amp and I’m really not sure what his current bass is but what he’s been using. Has an aluminum neck. Gives it a really gnarly tone. Daemon (drums) I don’t know what he’s using it’s the same kit he’s had for the past 10 years.

Do you have a strong local scene in Vineland, New Jersey ? Are there any local bands which you highly recommend?

Do we have a strong scene in Vineland… wow. Ummm no! Vineland really has never given us what we thought it would. New York is seriously always good to us. And yea hometown we really get nothing ever. The closest we get to hometown love is in Elmer New Jersey. Shout out to Alex our bassist and booking it up at the grange hall. But yea our hometown no. Even when I started this way back when people hated us. But now all those band are long since broken up.

Do you have any tours over the US or maybe oversea ?

All we have right now in I believe august is to hit the south with our boys in Neverfall! So that’ll be a good time. If you follow us on social media, you will know where we are going for sure! But overseas as of now no not anytime soon sadly. Would love to for sure!

Thank you for the time to do the interview. Feel free to add anything additionally which you would like to say!

Hey awesome lil chat! Thanks for doing this with me. And hope to see all you freaks out on the road at a dive bar near you. Stay rad!

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