Carmeria – Tragédie D’amour

From the eerie mists of the Blue Mountains, Australia – CARMERIA combine the haunting sounds of dark symphonic metal with the lovelorn energy of gothic rock. CARMERIA are preparing to return to the international gothic scene with their sophomore offering. Tragédie D’amour showcases an evolution in CARMERIA’s direction, sound, and songwriting. With singer/songwriter Jordan von Grae taking over production duties, the band’s new record offers a more personal sonic landscape for listeners to dive into.

Jordan von Grae comments on the new album: “As artists, we never want to become stagnant, and I believe that this record is a testament to that notion. As a band, we long to push our boundaries and create in line with what we feel in any present moment. The last few years have been a tumultuous time in all our lives, filled with wondrous, soaring peaks, and the deepest of valleys.”

Jordan continues, sharing his experience in the role of producer: “As a songwriter, I felt that it was the right time to take the band into the realms of love and loss. These are integral elements of the human experience and exploring them creatively has been a journey of reflection, exploration, and catharsis. Speaking personally, this process has been both exhausting and exhilarating. Sitting in the producer’s chair for the first time was daunting, but I am extremely proud of what we’ve created in this body of work, and I cannot wait to hear what our audience has to say.” 

Since reforming with a new line-up in 2018, the band has been on a momentous warpath through the Australian music scene. CARMERIA’s debut album Advenae (2021) saw the 5-piece garner international acclaim. In the summer of 2021/2022 the group embarked on their first nation-wide tour, culminating in a sold out show in their hometown capital, Sydney.

Following on from the success of Advenae, the band began planning their sophomore venture. The following years saw the ensemble write and record music for their 2nd opus, titled Tragédie D’amourTragédie D’amour consists of 10 new songs, with the band’s sound taking on a more energetic gothic rock approach than its predecessor. 

In support of the new album, CARMERIA engaged in a successful crowdfunding campaign that attracted the support of many musicians and music-lovers from across the globe. The 5-piece are currently in the midst of planning an east-coast tour of Australia in support of their forthcoming album. If the trajectory of their debut is anything to go by, CARMERIA will be sure to reach new heights with Tragédie D’amour.

Embracing musical stylings rare in their corner of the world, the dark genre-bending visionaries take on the international gothic scene with soaring vocals, melancholic lyrics, and songwriting. CARMERIA are once again out stamp their mark on the world.

Jordan von Grae – Vocals | Principal Lyricist & Songwriter | Producer
Jerry Zahija – Guitars
Mishka Bobrov – Keys | Additional Backing Vocals
Emma Louise Nagy – Bass | Secondary Vocals | Acoustic Guitars
Lachlan Blackwood – Drums | Producer

All lyrics and music written and performed by CARMERIA
Produced by Jordan von Grae
Co-Produced by Lachlan Blackwood
Vocal Production and Mixing by Voya at Morava Audio
Mastered by Miro Mastering
Artwork by Digital Art – Mr_Anas1

Track Listing: 
1. Call Forth My Sorrow
2. A Thousand Winter Rains 
3. Thorns  
4. Leading the Lyre
5. Whispers of Forgiveness
6. Shadow’s Throne
7. Immortal
8. Burning Ships
9. The Hoping Heart
10. A Vision in Passing

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