Atavistia – Inane Ducam

Fresh off of their recent European tour with SKÁLMÖLD and SEVEN SPIRES, Vancouver-based blackened symphonic metal outfit ATAVISTIA will release their new EP Inane Ducam (Translates to I Will Lead Into Nothingness) on July 19, 2024. Featuring new guitarist Elia Baghbaniyan and bassist/vocalist Spencer Budworth, Inane Ducam  seeks to explore different genres and styles while still maintaining the core ATAVISTIA sound.

Band founder Mattias Sippola comments “‘Inane Ducam’ was an experimental writing process – lower tuning, the debut of Spencer’s fierce low growls, and tempos reaching close to 300BPM. During the Winter months of 2023, Vancouver experienced extremely dark, cold, and gloomy days which is an antidote to creating music like this.”

The EP kicks off with the gloomy and mysterious title track. Mattias comments “The lyrics are the same as the final phrase in “The Void” representing the repeatability of the EP. The lyrics represent how one can find beauty and solace within the darkest depths of one’s own mind and soul.”

The next track “Timeless Despair” is vastly different from previous Atavistia songs, being melodic and extremely riff-heavy at the same time.

The EP continues with “Dark Isolation” which Mattias describes as another exploration of genre blending metal. The track begins with an orchestral movement which can be compared to an enemy army rolling over the hills. It then blasts into a steady head-banging pattern before changing keys one step down for the first verse. Thunderous gallops encapsulate the verses in Drop Bb tuning. It then opens into a full choir chorus “Lightening” the bombastic trait of this track.”

The penultimate track “Unattained Creation” follows and has an even heavier intro than the previous tracks. The intro is then followed by an eerie orchestral break with whispered Latin lyrics before heading back into the main riff for the first verse.

Finally, the EP closes with “The Void” with devastating screams from Mattias and Spencer together. During the verses and pre-chorus sections, one can hear the “classic ATAVISTIA” traits which they have become known for in their short history as a band. 


Mattias Sippola – Guitars/Vocals
Elia Baghbaniyan – Guitar
Spencer Budworth – Bass & Vocals
Max Sepulveda – Drums

Album Credits:

Producer: Mattias Sippola & Maximilian Sepulveda 

Recording Studio: Atavistic Studios 

Engineer: Mattias Sippola & Maximilian Sepulveda

Mastering: Fascination Street Studios

Mixing: Mattias Sippola 

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