Riffobia – Interview

Country: Greece

Genre: Thrash Metal 

Interview with: Riffobia

Interviewer: Speedskullcrusher

Hello , please give a short history of Riffobia’s formation, and how the current lineup came together.

Hello. Riffobia were formed back in 2004 and the first line up of the band was:

Dimitris Kontogiannis – Guitars
Achilleas Theoktistou – Bass
Dimitris Makris – Drums
Chris Ntelis – Vocals

Our first Demo came out in 2005 and after some live shows the band was on a big hiatus until 2011. The band reunited and began to work on new songs. In 2013 our first album “Laws of Devastation” was released. In 2014 we released our second Demo. In 2016 our second album “Death from Above” was released. After the release of our second album, our first drummer Dimitris Makris left the band and replaced by Michalis Zounarakis. Also, we had one more member, Miltiadis Argyriou, who joined the band as the second guitarist. In 2023 we released our third self-titled album. All these years we played many shows inside and outside of Greece with many local bands and also with many bands from abroad.

What do each of the members add to the songwriting / arrangement of Riffobia songs?

Each song begins with the guitar riffs, and we set up the total structure of the song. Every member is working on it and brings its own ideas until the song is finished.

I have seen your song’s lyrics, and they seem to be standard Thrash Metal topics. What do you try to convey in your lyrics? Are there specific themes that interest you or that Voltax focuses on lyrically?

Our references on the lyrics are based on what we see around us and what we experience on our own lives. Violence, hate, paranoia, war and religion are our main subjects on our lyrics.

What inspires you to write Speed riffs?

Our riffs are inspired on some classic Thrash Metal bands that we like to hear on our whole lives.

What does underground metal mean for you? Is it more about discovering many new and small bands, is it more about contacting people involved in NWTM music?

It’s very important for us to discover new bands from all around the world. But it’s even more important to meet new musicians. The underground scene is the base of metal at its most truthful and purest aspect.

Do you have a strong local scene in Trikala, Thessaly? Are there any local bands which you highly recommend?

Our town has become a “must” over the years. Every year a lot of big shows and festivals are being organized and we see bands and fans from the whole world. Some local bands that you should definitely check are “Warcode” and “Melan Selas”

Any soon tour ?

We are booking some shows, and you’ll learn everything about it soon!

This is the last question, the final countdown is over… Let us know about your forthcoming projects, and conclude the way you wish.

We are already working on some new material. It’s too early to announce a new album, but when our new songs will be completed, you should get ready for what you’re going to hear!!! Thrash till Death!

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