Quiescent Mantis – Here Comes The Swarm

Quiescent Mantis, from Tennessee, USA, a hard-hitting progressive thrash metal trio with a history as intriguing as their music, is thrilled to announce the release of their new video single, “Primal Form of Aggression”, from their debut album “Here Comes The Swarm” produced by Yanic Bercier (Quo Vadis, Gone In April) at WaveTransform Recording Studio and due out on July 19th on Exitus Stratagem Records. With its aggressive riffs, relentless rhythms, and thought-provoking lyrics inspired by science fiction and real-life experiences, the single delivers manic whiplash. The band explains in further detail:

“‘Primal Form of Aggression’ is a song we wrote around something everyone has faced, the song is written around the anger when someone is purposely going out of their way to pick at you or pick on you just to get a reaction from you. Sometimes the reaction comes from a Primal form of aggression.”

Quiescent Mantis, comprised of former scientists Chris Trainor, Jordan McKenzie, and Johnny Mejia, emerged from an extraordinary origin story. While employed at Sub-atomic Weight of Acceleration Research Mechanics (S.W.A.R.M.), the trio inadvertently opened a doorway to the mantis homeworld during a particle collision experiment.

Exposed to mind-altering pheromones, they transformed their scientific acumen into musical prowess, resulting in the formation of the band during the COVID-19 lockdown. Their unique blend of old-school and new-school metal techniques, combined with a deep love for science fiction, has set them apart in the metal scene. They are recommended for fans of Orbit Culture, Power Trip, Havok, and Pantera.

Quiescent Mantis is:
Chris Trainor – Guitarist / Backup Vocals
Jordan Mckenzie – Bass and Vocals
Johnny Mejia – Drums

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