Reckless – Interview –

Country: Colombia

Genre: Speed Metal

Interview with: Walter ” Metalbringer ”

Interviewer: Speedskullcrusher 

Hello, welcome to Acier Doux, how are you doing?

Hi there, this is Walter ” Metalbringer” lead guitar and vocals… We’re doing great, thanks for having us at Acier Doux.

You recently released the debut full-length album ”Sharp Magik Steel” on Dying Victims Productions. Why Dying Victims Productions?  Was the 12” vinyl well distributed and has the feedback been positive?

We’ve always been fans of Dying Victims releases for several years. It’s a label that consistently features bands with an old school sound and traditional Heavy Metal vibe, so we felt it was the perfect fit for our first album. We have had incredible feedback from audiences in Colombia, the rest of America, and Europe. Dying Victims does an excellent job distributing our material globally, which helps us reach a wider audience.

Musically, you’re very influenced by old school Speed Metal pioneers like Mania, Maniac, but I also find some common points with very early Judas Priest perhaps. So, what do you think about my comparisons?

I agree, everyone in the band is a fan of Judas Priest, and without a doubt, JP’s albums from the ’70s are very much to our taste. Personally, my favorite is ”Sin After Sin”. Additionally, there are more albums from the ’70s that have influenced us significantly, such as ”Scorpions – In Trance” . ”Rainbow – Rising” and ” Saxon – Saxon”

Who composes most of the music in the band, who is the creative cauldron?

Primarily, I’m responsible for composing the songs, both the music and the lyrics. However, our bassist Diego ”Jawbreaker” has contributed several lyrics as well. I write and record a demo of each song, then present it to the other guys in the band. We discuss and make final adjustments together in the rehearsal room.

How is the musical scene in your area? Can we find interesting bands, with bars, some places for gigs, zines, or does it remain quiet?

We’re lucky to have a vibrant scene here. There are plenty of bands that I’m a fan of, and we constantly have festivals and concerts happening throughout the year, featuring both local and international acts. Every weekend, there are some great concerts to choose from. I’d like to recommend some bands from Colombia: Savage Aggression, Ironclad, Legacy, Morbid Macabre, Runner Hell, Axe Steeler, Alcoholic Force, Witchtrap, and Nightmare.

Which recordings come back the more often in your playlists these last months?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Death Metal lately, including Dead Congregation, Unaussprechlichen Kulten,Cerebral Rot, Frozen Soul, Gruesome. And Necrot’s most recent release, Lifeless Birth, (I’ve listened to this album a lot, haha). I’ve also been enjoying Skelethal from France, among others. Additionally, I’ve been listening some Speed, Thrash, and Heavy Metal bands. Albums from bands in Sweden have been on repeat, such as Atonement – Sadistic Invaders (a killer album), Insane – Victims, Antichrist – Forbidden World (I love that album), and Tyrann – Djävulens Musik.Furthermore, I’;ve been diving into the debut album by Canadians Riot City, Burn the Night. quite a bit.

Printed or embroidered patch, which is the winner? This said, do you have some merchandising available?

Without a doubt, an embroidered patch is my favorite. My battle vest only has embroidered patches! Of course, we have merchandise available, including four different t-shirt designs, embroidered patches in two different colors, as well as vinyls, cassette tapes, and CDs. If any readers are interested, they can reach out to us via email or visit our social media.

Tell us about your forthcoming projects. Thank you for your time!

Currently, we’re working on new songs. We haven/t decided on the format or release date yet. We’re just focusing on writing music. Additionally, we’re planning to play live as much as possible. Thank you for having us!

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