Witchunter – Interview –

Country: Italy

Genre: Heavy / Speed Metal

Interview with: Silvio “Chuck” Verdecchia

Interviewer: Speedskullcrusher

Hello, how are you? It’s time to introduce your band to the readers …

Hi everyone, my name is Silvio ‘Chuck’ Verdecchia, former bassist and now second axe. The band WITCHUNTER was born 17 years ago, back in 2007, from the mind of Federico ‘Ace’ Iustini (guitarist obsessed with the NWOBHM and traditional ‘80s Heavy Metal) with the desire to create a Heavy Metal band “In The Best Tradition”. We have a demo, 3 full-lengths, two splits and a live album, accompanied by an engaging and consolidated live activity, with several tours throughout Europe. We are a genuine and passionate band, united by a great friendship and love for music, which in my opinion is one of the things that sets us apart, as thanks to this we manage to have a great understanding and cohesion, which gives us the right determination and anger when we’re on stage! I think it’s a crucial question, beyond knowing how to be good musicians haha! If you’re angry metal guy, burning with passion, and a lover of leather, spikes and an unreal party animal, WITCHUNTER is the band for you!

This question became quite a bit cliché, but I like to ask because it enables readers to have a more precise idea of the band’s music. What are your strongest musical influences?

We are all Metalheads playing for Metalheads, we are certainly all bonded by the pure passion fof the most classic English Heavy Metal, including the Gods like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Motorhead, Angel Witch and Saxon and so on… same for music and show level we are inspired by hottest band in the world… KISS!! We are big fans and we have covered two songs, ‘Almost Human’ and ‘Naked City’ present in two compilations regarding KISS. To give a broader explanation, I report here the exploit of our label Dying Victims Production regarding the Witchunter sound: “…where traditional metal in the vein of Angel Witch, Jaguar, Tygers of Pan Tang, and Saxon get the subtlest of twists, not to mention some evil mixing in a manner more Mercyful Fate and Black Sabbath. Gleaming with a chrome-encased production that’s pure ’80s valor, WITCHUNTER’s latest spans all the band’s previous styles – dramatic speed metal overdrive, leather-and-chains strut, balls to-the-wall headbangers – but the pure passion and charisma in which they deliver these nine primary tracks, the seamless expression of HEAVY METAL in ALL its glories, makes Metal Dream astounding to behold.”

Introduce us to your last album “METAL DREAM” that was released Nov 2022… Are you still satisfied with it? How is the feedback for now? And the sales, are they gaining weight as a big baby in full growth?

METAL DREAM is for us an album that represents for now a starting point to create new and better material. An album that satisfied us from all points of view, giving us a lot of satisfaction as it was always faithful to the Witchunter tradition but having explored new fields in composition we tried something new. The feedback is very positive, and it shows in the results in my opinion. With METAL DREAM we returned to Europe stronger and hungrier than ever, playing at festivals such as KEEP IT TRUE RISING III, UP THE HAMMER and DYING VICTIMS ATTACK, to name a few. The credit certainly also goes to Florian and his Dying Victims Production, the German label for which this latest work was released. I would like to personally thank Flo for all the excellent work He’s doing for us. As for sales we are very satisfied, the copies are almost sold out so if you don’t have your copy yet, take it! Be quick or be dead!

If you had to compare “Metal Dream” to your past releases, do you feel it’s similar or do you think some new territory has been explored and if so with what songs or pieces of songs represent something new for you.

As I said before, this album was somewhat of a turning point for the band, without taking anything away from the other two works, Crystal Demons and Back On the Hunt (of which we are very proud). Always remaining faithful to the line, we always approach the song writing in the same way but trying different artistic choices regarding the details, which we take particular care of. To name a song, on this album there is an instrumental song called Space Ritual, where mystical influences linked to hard rock mix with a I would say primordial Heavy Metal, giving life to sounds and environments different from our usual sound, but always remaining in the territory marked Witchunter. Other pieces that in my opinion best represent this album are the title track Metal Dream, the pounding Black Horror and the hellish Legion.

When you engage in songwriting, is it more of a stream of consciousness, or do you have a specific end goal and sound in mind?

We follow our instinct, we approach the pieces starting from a guitar riff, we let ourselves be carried away by the music and we begin to put the piece together. Generally, it’s like a river in flood, if the riff drags you then you understand where we’re going with it. We always have a common vision in the beginning, the writing of the song takes place first in studio then in the rehearsal room we arrange it together and this is fundamental, ‘cause it’s here where the song acquires personality and character and becomes a Witchunter song. The songs deal with Metal cliché, dark thematic related to the Devil, Demons and Horror in general, everyday life, vices, paranoia and how beautiful “sin” can be, but also passions and deep emotions fueled with the right dose of anger and determination that distinguishes us.

What other goals do you have for Witchunter in 2024?

The goal for now is only one, to finish the new album! We are working on new material that is increasingly Heavy Metal, shocking and angry than ever.

If you have any other news or things you’d like to share with our readers, please let us know. Thanks for your time!

We thank everyone for reading this, I leave you our social profiles where you can follow all the news about the band and the link to bandcamp to purchase the material you are missing! Thank you so much for the space given, HEAVY METAL IN THE BEST TRADITION!

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