Lie Heavy w/ Mortal Man , Moon Womb

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LIE HEAVY is a band bringing together notable N.C. rockers, Karl Agell, Graham Fry, Jeff JD Dennis & Cary Rowells. You may know them from some of their previous musical forays with Corrosion of Conformity, The Backsliders, Leadfoot, Confessor, and Deltoid.
The LIE HEAVY sound draws on the original hard ‘n groovy jams of Black Sabbath, Mountain, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple and other hard rock and metal masters, mixed with some punk & hardcore influences, then fused with their own massive experience to craft heavy riffs, rhythms, melodies and songs.
It is not difficult to fathom why LIE HEAVY sounds like a well-oiled, hard-working band. Their pedigree does not belie their power. Collectively, they have spent tens of thousands of hours in practice spaces, studios and on stages around the world, honing their vast skills, to find one another in this moment being among the top guardian practitioners at the gates of transcendently HEAVY music.

Mortal Man: (NC)
Mortal Man is an heavy metal band born from the coastal swamps of North Carolina. Hailing from Wilmington, they tell the story of the ongoing battle between the Champion of Forever and the Time Immortal with heavy, psychedelic and melodic riffs. Merging the sounds from influences like Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, and Thin Lizzy they bring a unique blend of classic rock, metal, and doom.

Moon Womb: (NC)
Moon Womb is a heavy rock duo from Woodlawn, North Carolina incorporating elements of atmospheric rock, gothic folk, and dark jazz. The music conjures a lush sonic landscape characterized by distortion, slow tempos, and space. Brandy’s anchoring drums and bewitching vocals weave a web of enchantment while Richard’s distinctive baritone guitar invokes euphonious drones. Songs draw lyrical inspiration from fairytales, folklore, and esoterica while they explore themes of nature and magick. Moon Womb will release their self-titled debut album on Firelight Records, an independent record label based out North Carolina, specializing in psychedelia, dark folk, and heavy rock and roll.

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