Exhauster – Interview –

Country: France

Genre: Thrash Metal

Interview with: Chazz Ballbreaker

Interviewer: Speedskullcrusher

Hello and welcome to the Acier Doux World. Can you introduce the band in a few lines? When was it created? Who are the musicians and where do they come from musically?

Formed in 1989 in Sartrouville (close to Paris – France), EXHAUSTER traveled the stages all over the Paris region with its brutal Thrash Metal. In 1996 the band split up. 26 years later, in 2022, a new line-up gave a second birth to EXHAUSTER. Now the band is based near Poitiers (West central France), fully alive and kicking.
Here are the current musicians:
Charles Huitric (vocals)
– Antony Thobois (drums)
– Pascal Davoury (bass) – Jean Suire (guitar)
– Romuald Herrero (lead guitar)

Jean is in it right from the start, and Pascal joined in 1992. Both of them experienced Black Metal and Charles was into Death Metal. Each member of EXHAUSTER was part of some Trash bands in the past.

Can you roughly introduce your Demos? How long did the composition take? How did the recording occur and who took care of it? Was it a pleasure to record the songs, or did you face some problems before reaching a satisfying result?

The group released 2 demos back in the days: “Enjoyment of death” (1991) and “No way back” (1992). In 2023, we produced the new demo “Even After Death”. For this demo we took old songs from the band that dated from 1988 (before EXHAUSTER actually existed) to 1992. We just made different arrangements to adapt the tracks, but it didn’t take long to release. As for the 1991 and 1992 demos, EXHAUSTER recorded in MIS Studios in Argenteuil (Paris). At that time the way of recording was far from what it is today. The band recorded quickly because the studio was expensive, so we have to admit we botched some recordings but that suited the group back then.For the 2023 demo “Even after death”, we recorded at Romuald’s place (our guitarist) thus enabling to take all the time we needed. No stress… better it is. Sound is very different too because we record on a computer. In the early 90s, recording was on good old tape.Anyway, recording songs is always a pleasure.

Do you have plans to release a full length or new music any time soon?

Very much so, indeed: the recording of the 1st album of EXHAUSTER is planned for 2024! This album is going to be made of the ’91 and ’92 demos, freshly recorded, and new tracks already written but not taped in the past. Recording of the drum part is already done. We are working hard and hope to release this album in 2025.

What does the Exhauster gig look like? Is your music very different in live conditions (Concerts, rehearsals) or on recordings?

Our gigs are going very well. EXHAUSTER plays its songs the way of the demos. Live performances always bring some tint of difference but we tend to stick to the original. We play quite brutal Thrash Metal and the public really likes it. Headbanging and beyond, public must be involved.

Do you have a strong local scene in Poitiers? Are there any local bands which you highly recommend?

Poitiers and its region are very active regarding to different Metal genres. Here are some of the many bands we could recommend (some of them you may already know of) : MANZER, KLONE, HACRIDE, CARPENTER BRUT, TREPALIUM, INEPSIE, PULMONARY FIBROSIS…

Any future gigs?

We do have a series of concerts coming up this season:
May 17 – La Brat Cave – Lille (Fr)
May 24 – Rock Metal Camp – St Hilaire Les Places (Fr)
June 1 – Demon Bar – Orléans (Fr)
June 25 and 26 – Hellfest Le OFF by Leclerc – Clisson (Fr)
September 7 – Chiré Metal Fest – Chiré en Montreuil (Fr)
October 4 – MK Bar – Esch-Belval Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg)
October 5 – BLUE & BLACK Metal Fest – Tinqueux (Fr)
October 11 – Le Salem – Le Haillan (Fr)

Thank you for the time to do the interview. Feel free to add anything additionally which you would like to say!

Our band is very grateful for this interview. Thank you very much! We hope Acier Doux readers will enjoy discovering our music. See you at gigs, metalheads! In France or in the US, who knows… We’d love to tour America.

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