Rexoria – Interview –

Country: Sweden

Genre: Heavy / Power Metal

Interview with: Cristofer Svensson

Interviewer: Manef

Hello, what’s up? Can you write a little introduction to the band?

Hi ! REXORIA Is a melodic metal / power metal band formed in 2016 by the members , Frida Ohlin (vocals) Martin & Jonas Gustavsson (drums + Guitar and bass) and Cristofer Svensson (Guitar), we have released 3 full length albums and one EP to date and our latest release is Imperial Dawn (2023).

What does Rexoria mean?

The name REXORIA doesn’t really mean anything, we wanted to come up with something unique! but we do have a song (the world unknown) about it!

Your new recording “Imperial Dawn” shows improvements compared to the previous one… The music is more intense, and there are more melodic Power Metal influences! What has led to this change? Maybe life has become more difficult?

I think we finally found the sound we were looking for all along, it took us gaining some experience and development as a band to get us there.

Your guitar sound is good, it sounds like old Swedish melodic death without problems, with a nice crisp and enough heaviness !. What kind of pedals and effects do you use to have this cool sound?

We use a line6 amp emulator with our own custom settings.

From a listener’s point of view, do you prefer to listen to the old bands or do you also try to get all the new demos of the newer bands? It seems there are often new Swedish bands recording demos, are you involved into this, or do you prefer to order the new albums of your old favorite bands?

Of course, i have my old favorites. I rarely listen to any demos of new bands but i try to keep in the loop of whats out there and discover new stuff i like all the time!

How are the gigs of Rexoria ? What can we expect, and is there something a little different from the “regular” metal gig?

We always try to provide a high energy performance, and getting the crowd involved, we´re constantly discussing ways to develop the live shows as much as possible.

Any upcoming tour? Maybe a US tour?

We did finish a 22 show European tour a couple of months back and now we got focus on the festival summer where we amongst others play the Sweden rock festival which feels huge for us since it’s a festival, we´ve been visiting for many years! We would love to do a US tour but there is nothing planned at the moment.

What are the next plans for Rexoria ? You have something to sell right now?

Full focus on the summer’s festivals, we´re also working on new material but i can’t say much about that at the moment! Med Vänliga Hälsningar/Best Regards

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