Dyscordia – The Passenger – Videoclip

The Belgian Metal band from Kortrijk announces the release of the second videoclip for the upcoming album ‘The Road to Oblivion’ . The song is called “The Passenger”.

The song illustrates the insignificance of humanity in all its facets. A main character nearing the end of his life questions the purpose of his existence at the moment he realizes he is losing touch with reality. A reality that gradually gives way to a form of mental confusion, a loss of clarity that manifests in being pursued by evil, depicted in the animation as a devilish character.

In the video, you see that our main character is initially fleeing from reality, specifically the fear of the insignificance of his existence on this planet. The closer the evil gets, the more risks he takes to break free, putting himself and his loved ones in danger, until a fatal accident, whether intentional or not, occurs.

The song starts with a brief introduction before launching powerfully into the first part of the chorus. It then transitions to the second verse, and after the first full chorus, music and visuals blend into a chilling chase scene. The two solo pieces lead us to the fatal accident, followed by the final chorus and a dramatic visual conclusion.

It seemed like a great opportunity for us to show an animated video for a change, for which we enlisted the talented illustrator and animator Jimmy Hostens. A major advantage was that Jimmy resonates completely with our music, making it easy for him to immerse himself in our mindset. We are all thrilled with Jimmy’s work and are confident that the song will be well received by the fans. We are eagerly looking forward to the release!

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