Malevich , Assethe , Rotting In Dirt , Noctomb

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Atlanta-based experimental blackened hardcore unit. Their recent release Trembling and Dowsed is a lesson in auraldichotomy–alluring and rebarbative to equal measure,yet overtly captivating and impactful to the most profound degree. The four songs swivel and swerve to no end, providing ample sonic ground for the listener to explore and discover, by means of black metal nuanced hardcore met with grindcore tendencies and experimental electronics, all together composing the greater structure that Malevich is.

ASEETHE (Illinois)
While grappling with varied and intense changes in their lives, theistrio melded the immediacy of the hardcore and thrash music they were raised on with a modern minimalist emphasis on droned and longform sounds.

Ugly, pulverizing, and entirely unique music fusing many different genres.

NOCTOMB (Raleigh NC)
Three-piece with a distinctively southern blend of black, sludge, and doom, combining low n’ slow riffs with fast ragers.

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