Cerebral Extinction – Interview –

Country: Italy

Genre: Technical / Brutal Death Metal

Interview with: Cerebral Extinction

Interviewer: Manef

Hello and welcome to Acier Doux . To begin with, can you write a short introduction to Cerebral Extinction? Your recent album “Escape from Illusion” was released on CD format in 2022. How are the reactions of the metal crowd? Are you satisfied with the comments you could have gathered? Was there also a limited CDr pressing?

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the band, founded by the guitarist Michele and the singer Malshum, both of whom wanted to create something different and more brutal than the groups we had at the time. The evolution between the albums is evident and the constant search to do something of its ownrecognizable “brand”, we therefore move from a brutal death slam of the first album, to an American-style technical brutal death of the second, to arrive at a modern-style hyper technical brutal death with the last album thanks also to the introduction of two great musicians Sozz alladrums and Wally on bass.the recent tour on a personal and musical level gave us a lot of satisfaction, the public was very receptive to our proposal, engaging, it was always a pleasure to perform and see the public’s affection. As regards the album and distribution, the work of Amputated Vein Records is always impeccable, with whom we have always collaborated and who believed in our project right from the start.

In my ears, your music mostly sounds influenced by old European Death metal, and American elements (I could think about a bit of MASTER sometimes (But it’s more for some kind of “bluesy” feeling than music in itself) and also one riff reminds me of DEATH “Leprosy”)… So I would rather quote names such as PESTILENCE, ASPHYX, DISMEMBER, maybe CARNAGE and a bit of BOLT THROWER… Would you like to add, or delete, a few names from the list?

As regards the influences they are very disparate, especially American and comparisons can be found with Immolation, Disgorge, Deicide, Archspire,Inferi, Beneath The Massacre, Nile, Aborted, Origin and still committed to increasingly modern sounds.

Do you already have new songs in stock, and how will it sound have compared to the previous?

We are already working on the new album which will bear the title “Tales from Planet X-24”.it will be very experimental and violent at the same time, for now we already have 4 pieces ready, with which we are quite satisfied and they are bringing us to a higher level of compositional technique compared to the previous album. teamwork and complicity in building the songs of the whole group are fundamental, excellent ideas with excellent results.

How is the metal scene in Italy ? Some cool bands to quote and advice to the readers? Are there kinds of metal that dominate your local scenes, or is it generally a bit of everything?

In Italy the scene is alive and well with bands of the most disparate styles. We could name Ad Nauseam, Fulci, Riptides, Miscreance. Extreme Metal circulates a lot, especially Black, Death and Doom Metal.

It’s time for a playlist! Which metal albums were played the most often in the musicians’ players the last months?

As far as I’m concerned, this year started with exceptional releases, my favorites are:
Job for a Cowboy “Moon healer”
Aborted “Vault of horrors”
Apogeon “Cyberstrictive”
Hanness Grossman “Echoes of Eternity”
Exocrine “Legend”
Cognizance “Phantazein”
Vitriol “Suffer & become”
Animarum “Machina”
Ihsahn “Ihsahn”
Brodequin “Harbringer of woe”
Top notch album.

Any coming US tour ?

We are also moving to play in America, some very interesting proposals have arrived and this excites us a lot, we would be very happy to be able to play there and it would be a great achievement for the band.

You can tell us more about a subject you wish and conclude the interview.

We are currently very busy writing the new album and we are dedicating every single free moment to it, we are putting all of ourselves into it, we sincerely hope that you will like our music as much as we do.
Thank you for the possibility of this interview and thanks to those who listen to and spread Extreme Metal.

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