Torvus – Interview –


Country: USA

Genre: Black / Doom Metal

Interview with: Joey Mcdonough

Interviewer: Manef

Hello, welcome to Acier Doux , what’s up? Can you write a little introduce to the band?

Hey y’all, thanks for having us! We’re Torvus, a gothic metal band from Washington DC. We’ve been around since 2015 or so, with our original former drummer Bill Cunniff having coined the name. We have a new record coming out later this year so watch out for that!

What does Torvus mean? is a bit mysterious to me, but I think it has a cool meaning…

Torvus is a Latin word for “grim, fierce, savage”. Our old drummer Bill named the band.

Your recent full length album ‘ The Innate Disease ‘ shows improvements compared to the previous one… The music is more intense, and there are more doom influences! These parts are very cool for the fan of Black Doom Metal. What has led to this change?

I’d say the main reason was when we wrote and recorded that album, I hadn’t had much interest in extreme metal at that point. I was mainly listening to traditional metal, rock, post punk, and traditional doom, so I thought, hey why not lean more into these elements with our music since we all loved all these sorts of stuff.

I see your two full-lengths were both released in digital… What’s your favorite format and why? Do you consider digital or streaming as a format?

I’d say my personal favorite format would be CD, which we intend on making for all upcoming releases soon. Bandcamp isn’t bad either, however I’m not a fan of how digitally compressed everything on Spotify sounds.

How healthy is it in your area? Are there some good bands to check out there?

We have a great scene here in DC! Some of my favorite artists I’d recommend are Desolus, Goetia, Caustic Casanova!

How do you see the evolution of the band’s music in the future?

I see us leaning more into the melodic, rocking territory that we flirted with on The Innate Disease. Our new album will showcase these elements.

Anycoming live shows ?

Yes, we have a show on 4/18 at The Runaway in DC, then two shows back to back in Asheville, NC and Richmond, VA on 4/27 and 4/28.

If you have any other news or things you’d like to share with our readers, please let us know. Thanks for your time!

Thanks for the interview!

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