Obnoxious – Interview –

Country: Bangladesh 

Genre: Thrash Metal

Interview with: Farhan Karim

Interviewer: Speedskullcrusher

Hello, how are you? It’s time to introduce your band to the readers …

I’m well, thank you! We’re a relentless force from Dhaka, Bangladesh, unleashing ferocious thrash metal. Our band, Obnoxious, delivers raw energy, blistering riffs, and pounding drums.

This is Farhan Karim on behalf of Obnoxious. Our line up given below,

Farhan Karim: Vocal and Bass

Aqib Noel: Drums

A.K. Turja: Guitars

Sifat Sami: Guitars

This question became quite a bit cliché, but I like to ask because it enables readers to have a more precise idea of the band’s music. What are your strongest musical influences?

Our strongest musical influences stem from a diverse array of iconic bands both internationally and locally. Internationally, we draw inspiration from the thrash metal legends like Megadeth, Testament, old Sepultura, and Exodus, whose energy and intensity have shaped our sound. Closer to home, we’re heavily influenced by the innovative sounds of Cryptic Fate, Rockstrata, Artcell, Vibe, and Reborn, whose unique fusion of genres adds depth to our musical palette.

Obnoxious hasn’t released a full-length album, do you think it’s time for some Thrash Metal Attack ?

We released our debut EP just yesterday March-2,2024 titled “Cult Deceiver’. You can check it on Spotify and Apple Music.

What inspires you to write Speed riffs ?

The inspiration behind our speed riffs often comes from a combination of technical prowess, adrenaline-fueled energy, and a desire to push musical boundaries. We’re drawn to the sheer intensity and excitement that fast-paced riffs evoke, driving us to craft intricate and exhilarating compositions.

What does Thrash Metal mean for you?

The visceral expression of fury, energy, and defiance is seen in Thrash Metal. It’s a culture that embodies raw passion and catharsis, not just music.

When you engage in songwriting, is it more of a stream of consciousness, or do you have a specific end goal and sound in mind?

We combine the two in my songwriting approach. In addition to aiming for a certain sound and message, We frequently begin with a stream of consciousness technique to capture unfiltered feelings and thoughts. To make truly felt music, it’s important to strike a balance between intention and spontaneity.

What other goals do you have for Obnoxious in 2024?

In 2024, our goals for Obnoxious include expanding our fanbase through touring, releasing new music, strengthening our online presence, and securing opportunities for collaboration with other artists. We also aim to enhance our live performances and continue evolving creatively.

If you have any other news or things you’d like to share with our readers, please let us know. Thanks for your time!

Indeed! We are thrilled to inform our fans that we will be releasing a number of behind-the-scenes videos that will give them unparalleled access to our creative process and the songwriting process. Keep checking back for information on forthcoming releases and exclusive occasions.

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