Technophobia – Anti-Human Terror EP

Technophobia started in April 2023 as a side project for Kajetan (guitars) and Barto (bass) when they were still playing in local death/blacksters Buddah. After acquainting Piotr (drums), from their love for Carnivore and beer, the band was founded. So far they played many rehearsals last year and in September Oz (Eteritus, ex-Painkiller) joined as a vocalist. With him aboard they played more rehearsals and finally recorded and released the debut EP. The reviews have been very positive so Technophobia marches on!

The CD version of the EP comes out on March 15 th , right in time for HELICON METAL FEST IV, held in Warsaw then. The preorders start today at . It is going to be issued in an oldschool jewelcase.

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