Primal Roots – Interview –

Country: Greece 

Genre: Metal

Interview with: Amira Debaieb

Interviewer: Wacim Khayachi

Hello, Amira, can you introduce yourself please?

I am 32 years old, a Tunisian living in Greece. I have been very fond of music since my childhood, especially metal and rock. When I was 15 years old, I started learning classic guitar and played some concerts with classical music bands. In my early twenties, I bought an electric guitar, but I didn’t join a band. In 2018 I came to Greece, and I bought a bass guitar because it is my favorite musical instrument, I consider it a new beginning, and after that, we founded a band with my coworkers, which is Primal Roots, and we are still active to this day.

Great, can you introduce Primal Roots to our metallic readers?

One day in 2019, at work, my coworker came to me and asked me if I played bass guitar and if I was interested in joining a metal band. This gentleman was the band’s first drummer and he had a guitarist with him. I liked the idea even though I had been playing only for very few months…. It was only short, but I was very encouraged and felt that it was a new challenge, and what increased my enthusiasm even more was that the drummer told me that the band’s goal is to produce and write our own songs.. We met in the studio in Athens and started brainstorming and sharing ideas. We were joined by a second guitarist, Alejandro, and then the singer Rachel. Then the drummer left the band because he traveled outside Greece, and we released our first single, “black,” in September 2019. After Corona, we continued writing and released our first album, “Stand up,” and since 2022 , we have played concerts and we always try to spread our music on social media. Sometimes we choose some well-known songs to play among ourselves, and sometimes we play them at concerts, and the lineup changes, as I said. After that, left the first drummer and also the lead-guitar, so Alejandro became lead guitar. We also recorded two covers, an classic Greek song called Πόσο λίγο με ξέρεις – How little you know me and also Gangsta’s Paradise It is always difficult to determine the band’s style, we always say Metal Out Of The Box, sometimes we play Heavy other times Progressive.. The last concert we did was on February 16, 2024, and we have another concert on March 25, and we will be opening for the French band Aephanemer, and this makes us proud. our line-up: Guitar: Alejandro Ortiz – Bass: Amira Debaieb – Singer :Rach Cassar – Drums: Alex.

How was the band name chosen?

The beautiful thing about our band is that we come from different cultures, from Tunisia, Sweden, Finland, Spain, and England.. Now the current drummer is from Greece. Current Lineup from Tunisia Greece Spain and England.. Since we are Multinational, we liked the word “Roots” to be present in the name, because we come from different customs, cultures, and roots… and then we agreed on the word Primal.

What are the band’s ambitions now?

Our ambitions are, in the future, we hope to open for other bands. We also hope to do concerts outside Athens, as well as outside Greece, in Europe. This is for the live, but musically, it is to continue composing and releasing songs. I mean, I rule out releasing a new album. On the other hand, we continue to release one song after another, singles, and of course we hope to be present at one of the major festivals, which is a distant goal after we achieve our immediate goals.

You mentioned that what distinguishes the band is that it is a Multinational Band. What brings you together? In other words, the thing that you share and brings you together.

We share the love of music, production and writing our own songs, commitment to our goals and to have fun.

Thank you for the time to do the interview. Feel free to add anything additionally which you would like to say!

On a personal level, I want to add that I do sessions with some other bands, last year with Before Sunday, and this year with another band called Re-Entry Troubles. Of course, Bass Line recorded the EP in a personal project for a guitar player.

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