Generation Steel – Interview –

Country: Germany

Genre: Heavy Metal

Interview with: Jack The Riffer

Interviewer: Speedskullcrusher

For those who werent familiar with Generation Steel, could you write a little about it? What was the band about? And when?

With the first riff it is immediately clear to everyone: GENERATION STEEL are pure teutonic steel! The band founded in 2019 and is committed to traditional heavy metal in the style of the 80s greats. It is important to us that with every note played the desire and passion can be heard and felt.

At the level of your influences, one can feel German Heavy metal bands of the 90s such as the old Accept, Running Wild, I also hear a bit. So, tell us a bit more about the key records that strongly branded the music of Generation Steel?

We are most influenced by Accept, U.D.O., Judas Priest, Grave Digger because we love rough punchy metal with great melodies. Key records are Breaker and Blind Rage (Accept), Tunes of war (Grave Digger), Painkiller (Judas Priest), Timebomb (U.D.O.).

Your new album “Lionheart”; was released recently in October 2023. How would you briefly present it to the readers, and how would you say its a metamorphosis compared to your previous recording?

The songs on “Lionheart” are the result of an intense musical journey that we went through together. When creating the album, we placed a lot of emphasis on combining our individual influences and ideas to create a unique sound. Compared to our last album “The Eagle Will Rise”, you can feel an even greater emotional depth and intensity on “Lionheart”. The songs are more powerful, more mature and reflect our personal experiences and insights.

I see your two full lengths were both released in 2 different formats: CDs and digital…What’s your favorite format and why? Do you consider digital or streaming as a format?

Vinyl/CD because of the sound! And we like to hold a haptic product in our hands. Of course, you have to use streaming nowadays, but its not the same…

To dig a bit deeper in the underground, which other German bands would you recommend to the readers who would like to discover less famous Heavy metal bands? Is the German scene rather about old school Heavy, Heavy Power Metal, Power metal, Speed Metal, or perhaps its a mix of everything?

We are very happy that the German metal scene has everything to offer! Every style of metal is represented here.

How do you see the evolution of the band’s music in the future?

Well – we strive to constantly develop ourselves further! We are already working on the third album. The general conditions after the pandemic and also influenced by streaming are making it increasingly difficult to establish a band to any extent.

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