Headless Hunter – Interview –

Country: Netherlands

Genre: Thrash Metal

Interview with: Mark Hendriks

Interviewer: Speedskullcrusher

Hello, can you introduce Headless to our morbid readers?

Headless Hunter is a high-energy thrash metal band from Eindhoven. We released our first album in 2023 on the average (Dutch) thrashers favourite day of the year 20/4. We are still a very young band as we we’re founded in 2021 and played our first show in 2022. Since then we’ve played as much as we can and with this landed a tour through France with Antagonism and were invited to Berlin for a show. Pretty big steps!

We consist of 5 people being;
Lucas van der Heijden, our singer and co-writer. Due to his initiative and dedication the band exists.
Mark Hendriks (me), I play lead guitar and write the music with Lucas. Me and Lucas also manage the band. So we book our shows,
Brian Steenbergen, our Rhythm guitarist, absolute riff machine. Downpicks what shouldn’t be downpickable and above all has a great, great meme collection he loves to share with us on a weekly basis.
Kiko, our bassist. He has a very unique way of pretty much anything. His looks, his riffs, his basslines. Without him the Undertaker and our shows wouldn’t be the same. And last but certainly not least our blastbeat-machine Glenn Veldman. When we we’re looking for a new drummer due to everything getting too serious for our old one, Brian asked Glenn if he knew anyone, considering he was too busy with Infantry. Instead, he wanted to join us himself and has recently left Infantry. Also a very dedicated and talented drummer who is always an hour early.

I was surprised by your full-length album “The Undertaker”, the style is quite seriously extreme and the content is also quite original. Perhaps I could say this album is even a bit too much for myself on a matter of Thrash Metal… Can you tell us more about it ?

So. The singer of our band (Lucas van der Heijden) and me (Mark Hendriks, lead guitar) had been in casual bands with no real purpose or future, which was fine by most of the band members. While the bands slowly collapasted, Lucas and I kept playing guitar together while hanging out. At some point Lucas got very dedicated and he figured out through trial and error how to write his own music. So with a lot of delay and pretty poorly sounding mix (ofcourse, we just started out) he approached me with a song he made and invited me to start writing music with him. And so we did, we biked to eachothers house and just started writing music. We just made whatever we came up with at the time, only keeping in mind we absolutely love thrash metal and would love to make thrash. The first song we ever wrote together actually made it to the album, which is Hostile Takeover.

How long did it take to compose the whole album & Was it quite fast as the inspiration came in a few months, or did it take the course of long years?

We started off when we both lived with our parents and through the course of writing the album we both got our own apartments in Eindhoven (close to each other) and just hung out during the pandemic and kept writing music. All in all it took around 2-3 years before we hit the stage for the first time. We had a bassist before kiko who left us because things were getting too serious for him, that is when kiko joined. In my opinion he really ‘leveled up’ our album with his unique bass lines. After kiko joined we only had a couple more songs to write. Things were made a lot easier in 2023 because Lucas bought a house and I moved in with them. So the last couple of songs came out pretty quickly, but never rushed.

To describe the music I would attempt to quote a blending of Exodus, Obituary and a bit of PESTILENCE… Would you like to add a few bands to this list? Is Headless Hunter a decidedly old school outfit, or do you allow yourselves to keep an open-mind with newer influences?

We of course look up to our thrashmetal gods and our inspired by them, but also by newer bands from the likes of Crisix, Insanity Alert, Lich King and Havok. But at the end of the day, we just make what we want to make. We were discussing if our second album should stay ‘slow’ paced, but we decided to do what sounded best for us, which means our next album is going to be a little more brutal.

What does Thrash metal mean for you?

Thrash Metal for me is first of all the most energetic, enjoyable live-experience imaginable, as well as a tight-knit, extremely friendly group of die-hard fans who love to mosh, smoke some weed and drink a lot of beer. It is in my opinion the most loyal, dedicated and generally just best scene around.

Do you think you could play another kind of Thrash metal on command?

For me, compared to the first album, yes. I’m personally more into the ‘faster’ thrash. So I really love Raining Blood and all of the old albums from Sepultura (now Cavalera). I could really see myself playing that kind of music, which might be the direction we are steering towards for the next album. At least, we dare to go faster then we did on The Undertaker.

Which albums and demos appeared in you playlists the last months, in a repeated manner? What would be the best of 2024 as of now?

So for each band member this is different obviously. For me personally i’ve been listening to a shit ton of Warbringer, Crisix and the O.G.’s Exodus, Slayer and Sepultura. My favourite song currently is Unraveling by Warbringer, which heavily influenced parts of a new song we wrote.

Any coming gigs?

Yes, the biggest ones I’m looking forward too being Welcome To Hell, our first big festival which we were invited to play on after our performance of the Dynamo Metal Battle. We we’re psyched we got invited there as it is specifically meant for old school thrash/speed metal, so a lot of potential fans right there. It also means we get to play at the Effenaar, which is an amazing venue here in Eindhoven.

Tell us more about your forth coming projects.

Our next album is entering the pre-production stage. We pay for our next album solely from our gigs & merch-sales, so when we save enough, which hopefully will be in 2024, we will go back to Toneshed and record our second album.

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