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Country: USA

Genre: Thrash Metal

Interview with:  Brian Zimmerman

Interviewer: Speedskullcrusher

Hello and welcome to Acier Doux. Well, I want to say thanks for this opportunity, since Atrophy is one of my favorite bands of all time. Tell us more about this legendary Band!

1989 we went back in the studio to work with legendary Producer Bill Metoyer to work on our second album, “Violent by nature” He did such a wonderful job on the first album and he was growing as a producer, we obviously wanted to use him again plus, I think we all felt comfortable with him.

The production of the last most famous album Violent By Nature seems to be very good for the style…tell us about this production and the album? 

As far as the production goes, we did pretty much the same thing we did on “Socialized hate” we recorded in three studios in North Hollywood. “Track” studios being one of them. We went into one studio just to record the drums “because of the acoustic value” we went into the next studio to record guitars and vocals.

 What has happened lately in the band campaign ? Is the feedback for the new compilation good as always ?

We had worked hard for the last two years writing, the new album we have recorded with Bill Metoyer again, “Randy Burns” Juan Urteaga and we decided to go with an underdog Alex Parra in second sound studios. looking for the ultimate sound that fit the band. “Recording these days is very different than it used to be. Technology has made it so most people can record in their home” we did a lot of stuff remotely, but we recorded the drums in a drum studio . I wanted to make sure that we did not use any fake drum sounds .I think the overall feel of the music is great, as always!

 Atrophy hasn’t released a full length album since 1990 , do you think it’s time for some Thrash Metal? 

I think yes, it is a good time to drop a Thrash album. Thrash metal has seemed to had a revitalization of sorts. I had previously tried to write a new album with a couple members, and it didn’t work out so well as far back is 2017.

Which bands do you think were the more influential on your music? 

Back then we had a very different bunch of influences myself “I was into Judas Priest a lot of the new metal that was coming over from Europe” again with this lineup, I think there is a whole bunch of different influences, Chris Lykins, the original guitar player was heavily into punk/crossover music which makes it great for writing, because somebody may hear something that you do not.

The band originated from Tucson, Arizona . Were there cool metal bands in your area back then?

Actually back, then, in Tucson, there was not a lot of high caliber bands. We were very different than anything that was being played in our area as we started the band “I flew out to go see “Exodus” out in San Francisco in 1986 and I was very influenced on their overall sound and energy as well as some of the other bands.I came back to Tucson with a new sense of urgency, because the music was so different than anything I’ve ever heard before I was in love with the new sound.

Ok, what are your next projects and stuff? Maybe a new label or something?

New projects?  We have a new record label,” Massacre records” Germany. we were signed in October 2022. We are just finishing up our second video, which will be released six weeks prior to the album coming out. This album has nine songs on it and will be released on March 15, 2024. The first video should be released in mid-January 2024. We are currently writing our fourth album and we are scheduled to go down to South America in February 2024 and will be playing with Violence, Hyrax and Exhoder , and will be headlining other shows. We hope to tour the new album extensively!

 I’ll let you conclude this interview, spit on whoever you want ! Thanks for your time was a honor 

I’ll just wrap it up saying thank you very much for the interview. We greatly appreciate it, and we greatly appreciate our fans and hope to make music for the foreseeable future. For further updates, you can always check us out on Facebook (Atrophy) or on Instagram@Atrophythrash .Thank you very much. If you need any more questions answered, you can contact me directly

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