WarWolf – Interview –

Country: Germany

Genre: Heavy Metal

Interview with: Frank J. Noras

Interviewer: Speedskullcrusher

A couple of words to introduce WarWolf ? What should the readers read, before keeping on reading?

We started WarWolf two years ago after decades of playing in a band called Wolfen. There was always the problem, that our music didn’t fit into one genre. We always wanted the freedom of art for us. But at one point we decided to try another way and we started to focus on the music that we have listened to as teenagers. So we started the writing of the first WarWolf song. Chris Boltendahl of Grave Digger was the one who was pushing us to imagine how our big faves Iron Maiden would sound today with their kind of songs of the eighties. That is our goal. Creating the vibes of those songs but now.

What can you say to the readers, to let them know about the current activities of WarWolf?

After releasing the Apocalyptic Waltz a few weeks ago and before that, we started presenting the new songs to the fans and we we are still flashed by the awesome reactions of them. We are promoting our second album as the support band for Chris Boltendahl’s Steelhammer. It’s a pleasure and honor for us playing with this german Metal legend.

Your two albums were recently released on Metalapolis records, can tell me about more about it ?

Our record company is fantastic and absolutely amazing. They are 100 % Metal and doing a great job. What do you want more? We are feeling being home with the guys of Metalapolis records.

What does Heavy Metal mean for you?

Heavy Metal is my life. I’ve always been a metal head and we are all just a part of this music and lifestyle. That does not mean, that there is no other kind of music. But metal is always the kind of music and feeling for us that will be the number one.

Your compositions contain quite a lot of riffs and different ideas… How long does it take to compose a full song and make every riffs fit together? Do you work on a track at the time and wait until its finished, or you always have various songs in progress? What’s the best way to compose a complicated serenade in your opinion?

That depends on the mood I’m in. Sometimes I’m writing several songs at the same time, sometimes I’m trying and working on just one idea. There is no best way. It really depends on your mood, your inspiration. Sometimes it is the best to sleep over one night and to restart at the next morning or you get an inspiration from elsewhere. The songs from our first two albums were written mostly at my home. After a rough mix including guitars, bass and drums I sent them to the others and they started pushing me to change some parts or with some cool ideas. The same time our singer Andreas was starting to compose his vocal melodies and writing the lyrics. This is the way how it works for us.

How would you define WarWolf music?

That’s simple. As our record company said, starting there where Iron Maiden ended in the eighties. We are just playing that kind of music that we all have been listening to and that’s NWOBHM. That’s all. We are all big fans of that kind of music and are enjoying now playing this music live.

Any upcoming  tour dates ?

Sure. We are playing on December 1. and 2. as the support of Chris Boltendahl’s Steelhammer and on December 23. at a big metal X-Mas party and on 28th as a support of Orden Ogan. Next year is nothing fixed yet, but we will be there.

This is the last question, so tell us everything concerning your future projects, available merchandising, welcomed fan-gitfs, and thats it.

At the moment there are no future projects for us. Three of us are playing in other bands, but there are no plans yet for any kind of projects. But we will see. I have started writing new songs, so that we will start recording the next album in 2024. You will find a lot of merchandise on our Facebook page, warwolfofficial. Just leave a like on our Facebook page and you will get all news and all the other stuff like vinyls, CDs, Shirts, Hoodies….

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