Old Ruins – Interview –

Country: Germany

Genre:  Black Metal

Interview with: Ersin Kara

Hello. Before all, a little introduction to Old Ruins would be welcome. What were the reasons for the creation of the band? Was it only to compose good metal songs, or you had a bit more in mind?

Hello, Ersin here. Old Ruins was just planned as a Studio Project from Christian and Alex at first. But then it grew and grew to a „Full-Time “Band (we work normal Jobs) after i heard one of the first Songs and then we got Oliver to play the Bass for us. Christian had the Idea to go more in a darker direction with Old Ruins and wanted to do something in the vein of Abbath’s soloproject „I“ or Demonaz’s „Demonaz“. Christian also had the Idea for the concept, to take inspiration from Diablo (the game).

Your music shows a nice sense of composition, so I think you had other musical experiences before… Can you tell us more about it?

Thank you, and of course we have had Bands in the past.Christian, Oliver and Alex were in a band together, called Firestorm, which was more Powermetal. And i was in two Bands before Old Ruins, Mortals’ Path (OSDM) and Visions of Insanity(Melodic Death). Christian is also on the Bass in Smorrah (Death’n’Thrash).

Your first album “Always Heading East” was recently released on Dog Gator records , tell us more about this album?

The story revolves around Diablo 2, which encapsules our whole concept, for this Album. We chose Diablo 2, because it is still the best game in the series and because the Story is much darker and richer. But this is just the first chapter, in our telling of the story.

Who composes the most in the band? Very often the musicians contribute to the arrangements, but one of them brings more riffs ideas than others… Is this the case with the band? Are the musicians of Old Ruins perfectionists?

Everybody is equal as far as credit goes in this band. Christian and me are bringing the bulk for the Guitars, but everyone has ideas and chips in with opinions and concepts for songs and everyone is involved. We are in a way perfectionists, but we dont try to be, because it can work against you, when you are writing songs.

Which bands appear the most often in your playlists? Are you rather into the old bands/ the classic records, or the newer releases?

I can’t speak for the others here, but me personally, i have a healthy mix going on, between old and new. I love the old stuff, from the 50’s till today, i listen to every kind of music. But i also have an eye open for newer bands/artists also. And i dont have playlists, i just go for an album. But which Bands would be the most i listen to: Death, Immortal, Dissection, Obituary, mgla, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Led Zepplin, Iron Maiden to name just a few.

What are you currently listening to? Do you generally check out the old cult albums mostly, or are you also fond of some newer bands?

Like I said, it’s a mix for me, but currently im more in a more classical mood and listen to more old school stuff. But current Bands i listen to are Gatecreeper and Afský.

What are you future projects? This is a promotional space with product placement, so you can use it , Feel free to conclude.

Christians other band Smorrah, are going to release their first Album soon. Check them out here Facebook Page Other then that, we are working on new songs for our second Album of course. If you dont already have our Record, here is the link:

Old Ruins – Always Heading East

Interviewer: Speedskullcrusher

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