Tailgunner – Interview –

Country: U.K

Genre:  Heavy Metal

Interview with: Thomas Hewson

Hello! So here follows the usual question: Introduce the band to our readers, and give us the most important points of your biography

We are TAILGUNNER! We play laser guided riffs N’ hooks that kill – Fast, loud, catch as hell N’ built to take your face off. We’re on a mission to put British Heavy Metal back on the map.

What characterizes the music of Tailgunner, what are your influences, and why an engagement would be an asset for our company?

If you had to name only 5 bands, then Maiden, Priest, Helloween, Mercyful Fate and Megadeth. 80’s as hell, but we’re not here or provide a throwback, we’re planting flag firmly in 2023!

How would you precisely define your kind of Heavy Metal? Would you feel closer to the early style? Old Engalnder one (first wave) ?

Yeah, NWOBHM generally speaking is a huge thing for us, and we’re proud to carry that torch. That doesn’t mean we don’t draw from earlier or later though, be that something like Rainbow with Dio, or thrash, speed, or power.

What motivated you to play Heavy Metal and form a band? Was it some specific bands/ musicians or was it due to other reasons?

As soon as I heard AC/DC as a kid that was it. I’ve never once looked back or even considered if this was something I wanted to do, it was a need. My first show was that summer, which was Iron Maiden at twickenham stadium. That set me on my way, seeing that tour, I knew exactly what it was I was going to do.

Guns Of Fire Is this album your first release? Tell us more about it ?

Yeah, it’s our debut album! It was written over the last few years as I was searching for members for the band, and really reflects my journey into metal and learning to write songs. The record dropped July 14th, right in the middle of Summer. Seeing it make a few charts around the world has been crazy, and I can’t wait to tour it!

 Any upcoming tour or gigs ?

We kick off the Guns For Hire tour in Hamburg, Germany in a few days! The first leg last one month and will see us play Germany, England, Scotland and Wales. We want to come to as many countries as possible touring this first record.

What was the last interview you answered and was it cool? What were the good and interesting points of the questions in your opinion?

It was with Fistful of Metal magazine, who I love very much. I’ve been a fan of theirs since their first issue, and they gave the album 10/10 – I’ve never seen them score anything that. Totally cool.

Have you anything special to say to your fans through Acier Doux ?

We’ll see you on the road very soon!

What are the future projects for Tailgunner ? It’s the final question, you can conclude the interview.Thanks for your time

Right now we are 12 tracks into writing album 2, so we’re looking forward. I want to be like Judas Priest, looking not just to grow, but to innovate! Heavy Metal for eternity!

Interviewer : Speedskullcrusher 

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