Ouija – Interview –

Country: Spain

Genre: Black Metal

Interview with: Midgard

Hello! I hope everything is Ok. Introduce the band and catch the attention of Black metallers?

Hi everything is ok here, thanks.I going to do a brief fragment for introduce the band. OUIJA was born in 1995 after the dissolution of LEVIAL, a band that played Death Metal. Let me tell you that the change from making Death Metal to Black Metal was something very gradual and natural so to speak, at that time the first wave of Black Metal was breaking into the entire world scene and we were not oblivious to that new trend that was being generated and little by little we delved into those sounds and created OUIJA. The sensations we felt in this stage of changes, as I have already said, were very gradual since we did not make Black from the beginning, we made a fusion between Black and Death, which later would lead to Black. From that time of transition, we can say that we have a demo recorded live in the rehearsal room, which we will surely release very soon.

Has the name Ouija got a particular meaning, or did you choose it because it sounds good? How would you qualify your band music?

Let me tell you that it was a name that the whole band liked, at that time and I still remember it. We were all gathered in the rehearsal room looking for a name for the band and the name of OUIJA won absolutely. He has a sound that seduces and at the same time inspires respect. I like to see the look of horror and terror that people make when they ask you what the name of your band is, this usually happens with people who have nothing to do with Extreme Metal, I can see in their faces what they think, these are some deranged people. It is a name with a lot of catch, so to speak, which is what we were looking for. I would describe my music with two words: authentic and honest. We continue in complete evolution but never without forgetting who we are and where we
come from… whoever renounces it past is worthless.

What do your lyrics globally deal with, which images are they meant to create and is there a particular concept?

Im going to focus on the lyrics of our latest album, which follow the same criteria that we have always followed, perhaps like everything, over time they evolve, becoming more complex and twisted. Possibly my lyrics today are deeper than in the past, but I think that is something very normal since as the years go by, even if your base is the same, there are things that you see and
deal with from another prism, with that I do not want to say tell they soften and possibly even become more extreme. The title of the album speaks for itself Fathomless Hysteros we do not know who we are or where we are going… we are swallowed by the empty, everything is cyclical, death is life…

What does Black metal means for you?

For me Black Metal is more than a style of music, it is a way of understanding ife and acting in consideration with it, it is not music for the masses, not everyone is prepared to understand this concept. I have been listening to this music for more than thirty years and it continues to fascinate me like when I was a teenager, mine is not a matter of a passing fashion, this is part of my life and it marks you forever.

How is the spanish scene? I noticed there are quite a lot of  good bands over there?

Currently in Spain there are bands of great quality, the problem is that it always costs a lot to be accepted outside our borders, the Spain brand is very good in many things but not for extreme Metal. The general public prefer listen to a shitty Norwegian band than a good band from Southern Europe or South America… sad but true as life itself. I am going to mention some good bands from Spain Cauldrom, Balmog, Ered, Between the Frost, Umbraeternum, to name a few… there are many more but these are very interesting to me.

Which albums attracted your attention lately? Which recordings (New or quite older) often comeback in your playlists?

Currently I listen these bands such as Voodus, Deus Mortem, Acherontas, Thy Light, Ofermod, Misþyrming or Funeral Mist for example… I really enjoy these bands, they are all great and most importantly authentic. I recommended the last albums of thsese bands are really amazing.

Which feelings would characterize the most your music? tell me more about it and your albums?

We are a band faithful to our principles and that means always believing in what you do and in your way of understanding this musical style, so as not to fall into the clutches of passing fashions that only alter your product and contaminate it. The key is to be humble and honest with your principles and in this way good compositions come naturally. And for the second question, Im going to give you a brief chronology about our albums. In 1995, after a period of rehearsals, we recorded a demo, which at that time was very well received and led us to record our first album “Riding into the funeral paths”, which also worked very well…afterwards we already had our second album ready but it never saw the light of day for different reasons that are unimportant now. In 2008 we put the band together again, we recorded an EP “Adversary” and at one time our second album “Ave voluptatis carnis”. In 2021 we released our new EP “Selenophile Impia” and in the end 2022 we released our third album, called “Fathomless Hysteros”…thats all until today…as I already told you, we could go on forever giving more information, but this I think it is not necessary, with the attached data I think it is enough, so that your readers know a little more about us. This note has been autobiographical. I prefer that people listen to us and draw their own conclusions from our music, which is better than me talking about it.

This is the final question, so the flow of words and ideas will have to Ouija . Tell us more about your forthcoming projects, and feel free to conclude. thank you for this opportunity.

The future is very uncertain and even more so in a world as convulsive as the one we live in now, we are too much slaves to the system and headless puppets towards an imminent drift. But despite all this, our future plans are to prepare for important festivals and also prepare new songs for a new EP, it would be the next projects. To finish, thank you for your interview, it has been a real pleasure to answer it. Hails fom Spain!!!

Interviewer : Speedskullcrusher 

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