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Hello and welcome to Acier Doux Metalzine How are you ? How are things on Signum Regis camp right now ? Which are your near future plans ?

Hi, Ronnie here. I am doing great and so is the whole Signum Regis camp. Our near future plans are all focused on playing live. We have a bunch of shows confirmed and there are more to come. We are rehearsing songs, that we have never played live before.

The title of your new EP “ Addendum Primum ” is very original . How does a shadow born from light while being dark can be bright ? How was this name inspired and which is your interpretation ?

In March 2017 we released an album called “Decennium Primum”, which was a celebration of our 10 years of existence. The title means the first decade. After the album was finished, we had some more material, that we thought was worth releasing along with the single song Unfold The Mystery and we saw it as an addition to the album. Addendum Primum means the 1st addition and we mean by it, an addition tothe album, obviously. Addendum Primum is a digital only release.

How long did it take you to complete the songs on this EP ? Which was the one you composed first and which one last ?

The song Unfold The Mystery is a song from the album, but it is actually the newest song. The other songs: Tune Of War, Red-pill Humanity and Amorenada are actually quite old. For example Red-pill Humanity is approx. 12 years old. It was released under a different name, with different lyrics and arrangements on one of our former bands. Now we re-made the song into something completely new, but the foundation is quite old.

Which are the common ground and the differences between your songs that you have included in “ Addendum Primum ” ?

I think 3 of the songs can be labeled as “ Metal ”, but the 4th one Amorenada – is an instrumental song with no metal arrangements whatsoever. It sounds to me more like a film music. Very nice piece, well written and performed. I think all of the songs are epic and have a big sound.

If you had the opportunity to collaborate with known musicians Metal scene who would you like them to be and why ?

I don’t have anyone famous on my mind. Of course, if there is someone famous involved, it boosts the publicity and that’s a big help, but honestly, I don’t care so much, if this or that musician is famous. I care more about what kind of a person he/she is and if the musical chemistry works or not.

I know that anyone can listen to your releases and make his own mind about it, but for which reasons would you like a listener to enjoy your albums that would make you feel satisfied ?

I think, that our band can offer a nice mix of Heavy and Progressive Metal with some additional influences and songwriting styles, that is quite unique on the market right now.

Does creativity come to you as an urge that you need to express immediately or is it more a slow and logical process ?

I would say, that I don’t wait till the creativity comes to me. I go after it and I do it systematically and logically.

Thanks for your time answering my questions. The epilogue of this interview belongs to you…

Thank you very much for reading this interview. If you want to find out more about Signum Regis, please visit our web page. There is a lot of free stuff and videos.

Interviewer : Speedskullcrusher

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