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Welcome to Acier Doux , Greetings Thrust … hope you’re doing fine and you’re in the right mood to answer some questions about the band ?! Thrust ! What does this name mean ?

A propelling force.

The last time we’ve heard anything from Thrust was way back in 2015 when you released your full length album ” Reincarnation “… tell us about this release ?

Reincarnation is an album that had been recorded years ago, but never released. When Metal Blade approached us about re-releasing the ” Fist Held High ” album, they asked if we had anything to add as bonus tracks. We gave them “Reincarnation” and they absolutely loved it, so, they packaged it with the re-release of ” Fist Held High “.

How do you look upon your albums you played today ? How would you describe the first years with Thrust ?

Well, we have grown and matured musically as band over the years so, we’re really proud and excited about the new material we’re putting out. The first years were crazy and a great learning experience.

I felt a quite neat difference between the songs of the early Thrust days , and the new ones . It’s straighter, much more blasting, and it sounds better, I think… Are these the same songs that were reworked, or you didn’t change much and my feeling is mostly due to the production ? Did you have material from before, or did you write all new songs ?

At the time we recorded the ” Reincarnation ” album, (which was in the early 90’s?) the songs were all new. Pat Reagan engineered and Bob Kulick produced. I think the combination of those guys is what made that album a little reminiscent of the earlier years.

Does it have any meaning besides sounding cool ?

Wel l, I agree with you that it does sound cool. HaHa.. It doesn’t really have a meaning. It’s more of a theme. Which, is what our life experiences at the time were.

How did you get invited to be on this cruise? Does the new generation of metal heads really know Thrust ? Do you think it might be a bit risky since you have been away from the scene for so long ?

Absolutely not. Since the re-release of ” Fist Held High ” with ” Reincarnation ” we’ve performed quite a few shows. Among those were Keep It True, Frost And Fire, Milwaukee Spring Bash and Up The Hammers. At all of the shows we’ve played, the reception we have received from the older and newer generations of metal fans has been phenomenal.

You guys do not like Posers , we are in the same boat , what about this Lyrical themes ; Metal, Killing Posers, Violence, Satan ?

True Metal fans are not fake. We see through the façade of a poser and it’s a big turn off. How can you respect or, want to be associated with someone who is phony ? When we say ” Posers Will Die “, we mean, fuck off. True metal fans don’t want anything to do with phonies… Basically, it was a song that was written to express displeasure of posers… Satan has always been associated with Heavy Metal.

And all you guys feel like you’re on the same page when it comes down to Thrust ‘s songwriting process ?

We don’t feel we’re on the same page… We ARE on the same page. When it comes to songwriting, we know what each other is thinking and feeling. We all contribute to writing every song together and it just flows. We are like a well oiled machine.

I bet you had a great time there. When the band was originally formed back in 1981, what were some of your musical influences ? Did the unholy trinity – Sabbath-Maiden-Priest play an important role for Thrust like for so many other up and coming Metal bands back then?

Absolutely they did. We also had other influences as well, like, Ted Nugent, of course, Kiss, Deep Purple, Rainbow (with Dio), Areosmith, Cheap Trick… The list could go on forever. The unholy trinity was probably the biggest influence.

Did you have a bunch of new songs that you could have recorded for a new album ?

Actually, we just finished recording a new album with all new songs that will be released very soon. We’re really excited about it and those who have heard it already have given us high praise about it. They love it! We can’t wait to release it to the fans !

Was an honor for me to make this Interview with a mighty band like Thrust one of the best US Heavy Power Metal bands , Thanks and best of luck and , what you can say for our readers !!

The honor is all ours. Thank you so much for your support. Keep rockin and KEEP IT METAL! See you soon…

Interviewer : Speedskullcrusher

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