Jugulator – Interview –


Country: Algeria

Genre: Thrash, Speed Metal

Interview with: Ramzy Abbas

Hello Welcome to Acier Doux. Can you introduce Jugulator to our metallic readers?

Jugulator is an Algerian Thrash metal band , formed in 2014 by me , it’s the continuity of an old project named curse of pharaoh between 2006 and 2008 , we released two albums , AD EXITIUM in may 2019 and UNDER THE VERDICT in november 2021 , the next one is actually in production.

I think there’s no need to ask you to describe your style, Jugulator sounds like old school speed/ thrash/ heavy, and it’s very cool. Right?

Overall that’s it, we are very fans and very inspired by American thrash metal from the bay area, but also German thrash, then we incorporate external elements into the codes of this style according to our inspiration.

In 2019 you released your first album ”Ad Exitium”. Can you briefly introduce the record? Was it released only digitally, or a CD version also exists?

Ad extitium is our first album, it contains tracks that I composed after the cessation of curse of pharaoh, it is the first episode of a trilogy, it talks about historic events that happened here in Algeria like the 90’s black decade, or events that our neighbors lived, such as the Arab Spring for example.We released it in physical media on May 31, 2019 then in digital version a few months later, then a physical reissue in June of this year with our signature with Cabale Prod label. For under the verdict, this is the second episode of the trilogy, after having spoken of real things in the first album, we project ourselves this time towards a fictitious and alternative future which could happen if humanity continues the acts mentioned in the previous album as well as certain  society phenomens in our country, “el Haraga” for example which speaks about young people who leave the country in an illegal and risky way in the hope of having a better life elsewhere, but who find themselves confronted with other problems like racism for example, it also talks about the economic crisis, the popular uprising that we lived in 2019 etc ..many events quoted in AD EXITIUM showed that this kind of thing was going to happen sooner or later.

Your two albums were released by the band. Do you think its time to sign with a label?

The two albums were released with labels, the digital release of ad exitium was made with reaper sound record, an Algerian label, the physical reissue with cabale prod, for under the verdict, the physical was released with the label musiko eye.

What are the future projects of  Jugulator  ? Do you have new songs? 

For future projects, we are currently recording our third album, we hope to release it this year if all goes well, we did an Algerian tour in July where we played a lot of new songs, the feedback from the public was great, and we plan to try a European tour after the release of the third album, we are also planning some clips with the release of the album.

How does it feel to answer an interview about Jugulator while the band is basically the only successful band on the North Africa scene?

We often give interviews and it’s a good thing, it helps us to better explain what we do, what we aim for, it also help us to answer to some questions that our fans ask themselves, and above all, it help us to share our passion more. only successful band on the North Africa scene? I think that word is way too big, we are a small band that has a small career of 10 years and two albums, we are still far from what we can call success, there are a lot of bands that are much better known than us in north Africa, we are just a grain of sand in the middle of a beach. it is true that we have a loyal fan base in Algeria, we thank them every day, we have had very good feedback on our albums in other countrys but there is still a lot to do.

Interviewer : Speedskullcrusher

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