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Hello, and welcome to Acier Doux Metalzine Tunsia , are you ready for an interview ? Which cool things happened in the camp of Eymonia lately ?

I am ready and thank you for this interview. Eynomia is getting ready for the release of their debut album entitled “Break Free”. Eynomia features myself Phyllis Rutter on vocals, Mike LePond on bass (Symphony X), Chris Bickley (Mike Vescera, Christine Ohlman from Saturday Night Live), Jimmy Pitts on keyboards Jimmy Pitts (Eternity’s End, Spastic Ink) on the keys, and thunderous drummer Gaetano Nicolosi (Ron Keel Band) . We recently signed a world wide deal with “Pure Legend Records” a sub-division of “Pure-Steele” records out of Germany. The album is due to be release before the end of 2017. We are still waiting on a release date from the label.

When was the idea of Eynomia born, and when do the first songs date back to ?

Eynomia started out as my solo project. It came together in 2015 as I met all the members on Facebook. As the recording progressed we all decided that this is something that we all want to play live in. 5 of the songs were written a couple of years back and 4 of the songs were written 2016-2017 .

The easiest way to describe your music could be to use the words “Modern Metal”, since it contains both influences of some European Symphonic Rock / Metal, Is this a sticker you agree to embrace, or would something be more convenient according to your perception of the sounds ?

Our music has several elements in it which include metal, rock, classical, and progressive. It also has melodic melody lines with hooks. Your can call it what you would like. I think of it as Symphonic Rock / Metal.

Now which are the real influences, the official ones, the band-names none can deny…?

Well….my biggest influence as a writer is Within Temptation.

How do you feel about Eymonia’s music ? Anxious to read the flow of reviews and to play some gigs ?

Well…it will be interesting to hear what people think. I think there will be something that people will like in each song. The production is amazing. We had one of the world’s finest engineers mix and master it. Robert Romagna. He has worked with such artists as ,Tony Martin (Ex-Black Sabbath), Dougie White , (Ex-Rainbow), Marc Storace (Krokus), Joe Lynn Turner, Neil Murray , (Ex-Black Sabbath), Bernie Marsden (Ex-Whitesnake), No Bros, Schubert In Rock, many great PURE STEEL acts as Sunless Sky, Mike Vescera . And yes ! Looking forward to playing live and evoking that emotion !

How were the sales of your music ? Do you know the amount of copies? And from which locations emerged the best orgasm-filled reactions ?

The CD is not released as of yet but it will be available at http://www.puresteel-records.com/ along with several online retailers.

In matter of compositions, which other bands would you quote as influences ?

Other influences are Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, and Evanescence to name a few.

How do you generally proceed to build tracks: Is one of the musicians responsible, or is it rather a whole band effort ? Do you need to be in a special mood to compose , or does it happen to appear anywhere at anytime ?

When it comes to writing for me it’s not something that you can just turn off and on. Sometimes a idea will come to me in the car and I get my phone out and record it..lol I do have two collaborators that i worked with for this CD. Chris Bickley Eynomia’s guitar player and Rich Lassahn a long time friend.

To be totally honest, feel more interested when your songs are closer to the Melodic , Will we be able to hear more songs closer to this in the future ?

The label is working on the trailer as we speak! It will be available very soon. The songs are very melodic. There are 9 tracks.

Being a part of the band means that you have some good old experiences in some old projects can you tell us about it ?

Bands are a learning lesson when it comes to original music…. Trying to get people on the same page as you or see your vision can be challenging. However…I am blessed with the outstanding players in Eynomia. They all get it !

Concerning gigs, do you often play some and how does it occur ? How are the reactions of the crowd and do you let them invade the scene ? Which bands did you play with? In which countries did you perform ?

I did sing in the acoustic show last October with Mike LePond at the Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium. We played 2 songs off the new album acoustically. That was such a great experience as they had female fronted metal bands and vocalists from all over the world! We won’t be doing any shows until the release of the album.. We will know more then.

Tell us more about your music playlist from the last months… Which albums or demos did you listen to the most frequently ?

I have been checking out a lot of Pure-Steele artists. Mike Vescera (ex yngwie malmsteen and Loudness) who is on Pure-Steele. His new CD is great! Been listening to Epica and Exit Eden which one of my favorite vocalist Amanda Somerville is in that project.
What are your next plans ? Are there new songs that might appear on a split or something ? Will there be merchandising? Feel free to conclude and add anything needed. The strings keep on burning \m/
We are looking forward to sharing this project with you all ! Looking forward to some shows… Yes there are some tee shirts now that you can buy off of our website. www.eynomiaband.com there will be more merch available soon.

Interviewer : Speedskullcrusher

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