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First of all, welcome to Acier Doux Metalzine, could you introduce yourself and tell us something about the beginnings of Dust In Mind?

Hi everyone ! Of course! I’m Damien Dausch, 29 years old, and I’m from France . I play music since 15 years now, and I’m working my ass off to be part of this music industry. I was in several bands, but I’m definitely really proud of Dust In Mind, the only one I really believe in. Dust In Mind is born in 2013. At this time, I wanted to mix some different music, and put female vocals on it. I met Jennifer and it was like a finger snap : everything matched right away. So, from this time, we work always together, I’m on the production, she mades lyrics and we share all ideas we have. And for live performance, we had a strong line up with good musicians, a good team.

Dust In Mind is a combination of Industrial and Melodic Death Metal. What are your main influences ?

Let’s say Peter Tatgtren from Pain and Hypocrisy, Korn for the groovy parts, lacuna coil, and Gojira.

Talking about your debut EP ” Dust in Mind ” , was this your first studio recording experience ? What did you think of the process ?

Actually I have my own recording studio. It’s called Psyrus Studio. So for us, it’s easy to produce and create all the time. It’s a big plus we must use as much as we can. So we decide the process. Usually the process is : I have an idea in my head, I work on this with my guitar or a synth, to create a base, then I take 1 or 2 days off to be really free and work on the production, and the instrumental part of the song is done. We work on the lyrics and vocals later. It’s like 2 main parts, music, then vocals

Your album ‘’ Oblivion ‘’ , what can we expect from it ? It contains a different sound than your previous album ‘’ Never Look Back ‘’ ( I refer to the style, not the quality of the release) ?

We tried on this album to do something different. We didn’t want to put always the same ideas, always the same tempo and stuff. I think each song in this album is different and have his own character. We also wanted to have 2 different ambiances in this album, it’s like 2 albums in one.
Were all the songs tried and tested tracks, or did you write new ones in the studio ?
I always write everything in the studio. Of course, I’m thinking about the audience and how we can cheer them up on stage and reach them, but I want also to create a various album, the most coherent I can. So I try to keep every of this factors in my head when I’m writing .

Do you have a particular favourite track form the album ?

Not really, I have favorites, like Spreading Disease , Get Out , I’m Different , Too Far, Oblivion, Coward. Because there are all different.
What was ” Oblivion’s ” brief in regards the artwork concept ?
For the artwork we wanted something eccentric, something not usual you know. So we tried to create our own world. And of course, the main point of this title is to bury everything/something/someone and go on, so, Oblivion. It’s kind of Never Look Back 2.0 .
How long and often do you spend doing band rehearsals ? It sounds easy when you play the album !
We work a lot at home first, ’cause I’m writing the music so you just have to work on the tabs. Then we work together. Usually we have 5hours rehearsal once a month, and we work more on the live performance.
Do you have any touring plans in support of the release ?
Yes , we just finished an European tour with Pain, and that was insane! Now we’re looking forward, working on another tour support, maybe in september, maybe next year, we don’t know yet. And we have severals concerts and festivals around France, Germany, Switzerland. You can check this out on our facebook fan page.
You are the guitarist of the band Blindness , Tell us more about this band and wich sounds you play in ?

Blindness is a Death Metal band I’m leading, but wehave not enough time to go forward. It was my main band until Dust In Mind cameup. It was like an angry Hypocrisy band.

What do you prefer ? Playing at a big festival in front of a lot of fans, or playing in a small bar with your friends and true fans of the band having fun and drinking beer together ?

I like both. It’s a different feeling but both are really great.

Thank you very much for giving us your time, and good luck guys !

Thanks, and thanks for the interview! Hope to see you soon on stage !

Interviewer : Speedskullercrusher

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