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Welcome To Acier Doux Metalzine, introduce your last recording with Picture and tell us why it could please Metal fans who like the style to be Know more details about ?

Our lastrecording was Warhorse and is already 6 years old (2011) and mixed by Oscar Holleman,who also produced Within Temptation and it was a very nice album,but its not available anymore,so there is not much need to say a lot about it !

Your music is quite seriously Heavy and powerfull … Don’t tell me “it’s just how you feel”, it should be directed towards someone or something… So what’s the reason for so much of Heaving and powefull feelings ?

But it is how you feel,what you like to play,what you like to listen too,thats what we were,you can hear the difference after the album Traitor,all new people (except Rien) and it became a sort of commercial band,also because the record company wants them to play “Hairy Rock” like Europe,but it didn’t work out well for Picture. Now all the old guys are back and the same feel is back,we don’t pretent,we are what we are and play what we like and where we are good at,and thats NWOBHM 

Talking about Picture, It something defines the career is the quality and high level of all your albums , you was in with the band ?

I was in the band the first 4 albums, from the beginning until somewhere 1983 when I remember it well haha.

So many bands try to catch that vibe from the 80s, and many sound good but only a few sound so real as bands as Picture , I think that is one of the assets you have never lost and I guess the fans really appreciate it ?

That’s what I already told you,we always been ourselves, we don’t play whats ‘hot’, we play what we like and hope the fans like it too of course, but this is we if you like it or not and I can tell since all the original members are back with Appie de Gelder as 5th member,we absolutely have the feeling the fans appreciate it big time !!

In your opinion, which one of your classic albums has been more important to put Picture among the top class bands of old school Heavy Metal ?

Is there something you regret doing or not doing with your Metal Career ?

Not really , I always gave 100% and I don’t have the feeling I should have done this or that .

How do you see the Metal scene nowadays ?

I don’t see many changes,its a very loyal public,less than before,a lot of our ages,but I blame that because of the denial of the official media for this great music (in general),so do we see youngsters,but not enough , unfortunately.

Time to talk about gigs. Any dates already scheduled for next year with Picture Are we going to see you across USA ?

Just one gig in Portugal (Hardmetalfest) on januari the 6th Until now we haven’t heard anything from the USA.

What’s your favourite country on a Metallic point of view  ?

Ha , thats not a country , but thats South America in general , man,what a joy to play there !!

How important is playing shows for you personally, to go out and play in front of your supportive fans ? Is it a “necessary evil” or the salt that give the meal that much more flavor ?

For me playing live is the only thing,love the people , love the atmosphere , for me its without a doubt the salt 

This is a topic that I always like to ask bands, especially veteran artists. The music industry has been consumed by the factor of internet downloading, some as a means for free promotion. As a member of a band that has gone through the tape trading period and performing tons, what is your take on this issue? Is the internet good for the artist or the other way around ?

It works both sides,in a blink of an eye you can promote your band through whole the world by using the social media,but when you made an album,its very difficult to earn back your investment,because the people download the album and thats a reason a lot of bands aren’t sure if they bring out another album or not,just like us.

Thank you for taking some time to answer my questions and keep up the great work with Picture in the future. If you have any last words of wisdom and experience to finish this Interview properly, by all means spit them out… Much Love and Respect Brother !

What I can say if you are Metal , stay Metal,  because in my opinion you are by far the best public there is, and I hope to meet you all in the near future !!

Interviewer : Speedskullcrusher

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