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Welcome to Acier Doux Metalzine , are you ready for an interview ? Which cools things happened in the camp of the bands you are playing in lately ?

Thank you for your time. Theres have been happing alot with the different bands. In Djevelkult we have just finished recording all the instruments and vocals for our second full length album. The next step of it is to be mix and mastered by Kark, the mastermind behind Dødsengel. We started on recording of it at the summer of 2015, but due to replacement of members in the band and other obstacles pushed the time of recording process. So things are finally drawing to an end of it. In Blodhemn, Invisus is almost done with the composing of Blodhemns third full length album, so we just wait for the recording process to start. We have played some concerts around also, at Karmøygeddon for instance. Blodhemn is gonna head a show in London 23th september at the Black Hearts .

For the new fans and Metalheads, give us a brief bio of Djevelkult . When did you start playing Black Metal ? how were your early years as a band ?

Djevelkult was formed by me, Xarim in the summer of 2009 in Gjøvik, Norway, after I left the band of ” Kvaelt ” that I played in along with Malphas of Endezzma , Beastcraft , I needed to release my visions of darkness and blasphemy in my own way. And this Djevelkult was spawn, to add fuel to the inferal fire. We create Black Metal of death, nothing more, nothing less.

Your Single “Tønsberg 17 04 15 ” was released in 2015. How do you feel about it ? Anxious to read the flow of reviews and to play some gigs ?

That ”single” is actually no single, but just a bootleg. So I really dont care about it. The sound of it is crappy as hell and it is nothing we stand behind. Reviews is never something we feel anxious about, the opinions of other doesnt concern us, as we just do as we please anyway . We have played hundres of gigs since we started as a band, we have been on several tours in the past and we have confirmed three gigs in this summer thus far.

Your last full length ” I djevelens tegn ” was released by Morbid Shrine Productions! How did you get in touch with it and how does things occur ? Do you feel especially proud about seeing your music released on this label ?

Morbid Shrine Prod contacted us in fact and offered us a fair deal for the album back in the day, and we thought they were a label that stood for underground metal music and have a great approach to how to handle things. They werent the biggest label around, but they were a serious label that stood for true metal music , not some cheap ass money hungry corporation. So for us its has been a good cooperation between the band and label. We have had a good connection with Erun of MSP afterwards and he became a close friend of the band.

Tell us about your weekly practices ! How many times a week do you rehearse, and in what kind of conditions does it occur ? Is it in an old garage, a hangar, in your own house ? Maybe there are affordable “rehearsing studios” in Norway ?

Before in time we used to rehearse two times a week for many years, but these days we just rehearse in the weekends since we are all occupied with our lifes in the week that makes it hard to met up then. We rehearse in a ”cabin” home at the one member in the band. He lives far out in the woods in the Hedmark county so there we get to do as we please without being bothered by anyone.

When you write songs, do you focus on the intensity / energy, bizarre sounding riffs, catchy sounding parts… What do you have in mind, what’s your goal during the process of creation ?

It’s  differs, sometimes I make the riffs fast and furious, others times I make more grandeur riffs. Sometimes I have an agenda about it.  Sometime it’s just comes up something that really blows my mind in awe of the riff itself. In general I try to express the chaos and destruction in form of music when I compose and write the riffs.  My only true purpose behind it is to make riffs and music fitting of Black Metal.

How long did you spend to compose and record the music ? Is it about months or years ? Is it always easy to find a guitar part to follow this killer riff you found  ?  Does everything happen “live” in the rehearsal room, or do you need to record songs and take some distance to hear what’s not efficient enough ?

It’s really no answer to it. Some days it’s done within a day, everything is just perfect there and then. Other days it can take months before I get it right.  Often I make something and plays it for a while, then i figure out that i need to change a guitar part, or make some more details to it. Maybe redo the drums of it. And its often a challenge to make the vocal to fit in it the music as well. But often it also it just fits in at the first try. You never know of it will turn out.

Which words would fit your sounds the best ?

Power, blasphemy, misanthropy, Death .

Can you tell us the sources of inspiration behind your rather lyrics ?

My views on different matters in life  , Hatred for the human kind is one big inspiration of them. The darkness within my mind. The disgust for all kinds of religions. The borders behind the void above us and the secrets beyond death.

Why you choose the your local language for the releases lyrics , it’s reminds me of the early Black Metal scene in Norway?

Because it’s in themost natural way to express us self. I do write songs in English as well, all after in how which way I would like to express the content of the lyrics.

You music is pure Black Metal I think it’s a quite putridly fitting description. Which band was the biggest influence for the sickening sounds of Djevelkult ?

Indeed. Gorgoroth, Tsjuder, Ljå, Throne of Katarsis and Koldbrann, just to mention a few bands.

Time to talk about gigs. Any dates already scheduled for next year ? Are we going to see you across the World ?

We have three confirmed for this summer. One in Finlandalong with Kyy, one at the Barther Metalfest in Germany. And we have one in Hamar, Norwayalong with Sarkom. .

Thank you very much and congratulations for your great work. If you wish to add something, go ahead

Thank you. Stay true to yourself. Kill off all religion .

Interviewer : Speedskullcrusher 

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