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As I mentioned in the beginning of the interview, Inner Missing managed to perform in many countries last year. How did the organizers contact you and what were the most surprising fans you met ?

Well, since we didn’t have a management or a booking agency to represent us in 2016 (now our official booking agent is Alterstream Agency from Finland and we place high hopes on cooperation with them) we had to contact the event organizers directly and conduct negotiations by ourselves. We didn’t have such an experience before (actually we started to perform abroad only last year)and I think it was useful and in most cases not unpleasant. Speaking about fans – I was really surprised by the feedback we received after most of the shows – it was amazing to see that people who listened to our music for the first time in their lives really enjoyed it! After the show in Romania a middle aged couple asked permission for their children to take a picture with us and it was very cute (though I didn’t expect anybody to enjoy this kind of music at the age of 12).

Being two members only is a challenge in the matter of live shows, How did you solve this issue ?

You’re right, it’s quite difficult to perform live shows as a duo, but in our case it is the only possible way to do it and so we did our best to make our shows as spectacular as possible: in some cases we performed with session musicians and in some (when there was a video projector in the venue) – with our special video installation.

You announced a crowdfunding for your upcoming album, How was the feedback you received from Inner Missing fans ?

Well’ it was more a kind of experiment and the result was just as I expected: first of all it is not possible to raise a significant amount of money without a promo campaign which would cost at least 5 times more than the sum you’re going to raise (some bands make anonymous donations to their own campaigns which is even more stupid than spending the money on the promotion because the commissions are quite high). Second thing are the aforementioned commissions –we raised 350 USD but got only 290 you see that almost 1\5 of the money was taken by the platform and the banks. The third and the most curious point is that most of the backers of our campaign were people about the existence of which I didn’t know before the campaign.

Speaking about your album, Did you choose its title and track list ?

Well, we just finished the process of recording and obviously we have chosen the title but we will reveal it only after everything will be ready.

What are the concepts of your upcoming album ?

The upcoming album seems to be even more conceptual than the previous one – it is a kind of narration about the descent into the internal void inspired by psychedelic literature and personal experience.

Is there any near concerts for Inner Missing ?

No, we do not have any confirmed shows now but I hope that after the release of our new album the situation will change.


Interviewer : Rana Atef


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