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Hello and Welcome to Acier Doux Metalzine ! Let’s go: What should a reader who isn’t familiar with the band know before we begin ? What would your biography look like if it was summed up to the most essential zests of citron ?

The most important fact is that DEAD INFECTION, goregrind band, was formed in January 1990 in Białystok (POLAND), founded by Cyjan & Domin (former members of the Front Terror grindcore formation). In June 1991 the band recorded and demoed “World Full of Remains”. In spring1992 the bank performed the demo of “Start Human Slaughter”. Soon the bank received a request from Morbid Records of Germany to record first album. At the end of 1993 CD/LP “Surgical Disembowelment” was released. In 1995 Morbid Records released second album “A Chapter Of Accidents”. The band toured throughout Europe. In 2004 album “Brain corrosion” was released for the Japanese label Obliteration Records. The band played concerts all over the world like in Japan, Mexico, USA, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Czech Republic and very others countries. The current composition of the band is: Pierscien – voc/guitar, Vertherry – bass, Cyjan – drums.

Introduce us to your last album ” Brain Corrosion ” that was released at the end 2004… Are you still satisfied with it ? How are the feedbacks for now ? And the sales, are they gaining weight as a big baby in full growth ?

Yes, we are still very happy with this album. Also among the fans, the album has already earned the cult title which we enjoy. The album sales exceeded our expectations. The CD has already been re-edited on CD and LP.

I say to myself you could be perfectionists, or you had a lot of problems, rehearsal room, or provisioning in hash and strong alcohol… Why didn’t you guys release a big shitting record every year to fulfill the space ? What prevented you from flooding our hears with tons of big dry excrements ?

The band never had such problems as the lack of a rehearsal room. For alcohol reserves we have never complained, and with drugs we have nothing to do. And we do not burn records every year because we just do not have to, The band always had a free hand in what we did, nobody told band, and the band did not feel the need to force a new stuff. Better is patience and wait for new stuff than overload. Some have mentioned that we recorded the last material in 2004, but we have also released a few other important material like “The Corpses of The Universe”, MCD/LP and some 7″Eps. DEAD INFECTION is constantly moving, so patience will be profit.

Your style has became quite seriously technical by moments… My cartilages are creaking… Is your music always easy to be reproduced live ? Isn’t it too anguishing to always be at your best and reproduce every tracks as it should be? What are your tips: A warm-up before the gig, intravenous injections in the fingers, or do you directly plug yourselves in the high voltage ?

Grind is created to play live. The recording is a finale of accomplishments and is a completely different kind of activity of the band, and DEAD INFECTION as can be deduced will definitely prefer play concerts. IN the studio you focus on perfection and detail. At the gigs you can give more with yourself, the whole energy and fun with music and thats interaction with public its most important to us. Regarding the preparation for the concert, its basically just for a drummer who needs a warm-up. For me drink beer is enough to be prepare 🙂 hahahaha And when i’m on the stage its enough to feel the first vibration from the stage and my stuff it comes to me in a lot of fun and pleasure.

This question became quite a bit cliché, but I like to ask because it enables readers to have a more precise idea of the band’s music. What are your strongest musical influences? I know some musicians refuse to answer, since they don’t want to be taken as copyers, but even without voluntary copying one can find similarities between his music and those of other bands (Unless you don’t listen to other music than yours… But well 

The band that undoubtedly had the greatest impact on the DEAD INFECTION style were the early CARCASS, NAPALM DEATH, EXTREME NOISE TERROR and TERRORIZER. Over time the band tried to produce our own distinctive sound which received a very positive reception.

Who composes the most in the band ? Have you got a quite particular way of composing, or does everything occur during rehearsals and then exchanges through emails? Your songs generally contain a minimum amount of how many riffs ? And a sub question, just for fun : Did you transcribe everything as scores ?

In the whole of the bands work the ideas of the songs came from the heads of individual musicians, but their structure and arrangement was the result of the whole band. In case of DEAD INFECTION the pieces never came out on trial or how some bands practise in the studio before the recording session. Each piece was created individually at home. We did not record music once but nowadays we create guitar tabs, it is very convenient to create songs.

In your opinion, which are the stronger points of the band ?

The band does  not go into the commercial, no one has any influence on us except ourselves. We have an oldschool approach which is in this time rare. We play music that we like and we will gives shows until live allow.

What themes do you touch in your lyrics ?

In the first phase of the activity the texts dealt with purely medical matters. The most common cases and effects that accompanied it. Over time the band added a bit of humour. At one time quite a few people took our texts seriously and we preferred to be treated with a wink eye.

It something defines Dead Infection’s career is the quality and high level of all your albums ?

The band does not record every year and only when it fits and when we have free time. And thats the factor that affects the quality of our albums. Recording them forcefully does not make sense in this musical style.

Time to talk about gigs. Any dates already scheduled for next year ? Are we going to see you across the World ?

Concerts offers are not missing. So far the band has already visited a bit of the world… almost all of Europe, USA, South America, Mexico, Japan. Our future concert plans cover many parts of the world. Follow us at our new young page on the facebook .

Let us ask about your experience after so many years rocking, what gigs do you remember as more impressive and what bands you enjoyed sharing the stage with ?

It’s extremely difficult to answer this question, a lot of them probably have already escaped from our memory. All in all there have been many great events on our way. There is no difference whether its a club concert or a big festival. The public is always the most important  and their decides on a quality of the concert, and we have always had great fans for our luck. We have also fortunate to play with most of the bands that inspired us.

Thank you very much and congratulations for your great work. If you wish to add something, go ahead…

Thank you for the interview and for all of you write this few words. See you at the awesome concerts ! IN GRIND WE TRUST  !!  Cheers \m/

Interviwer : Speedskullcrusher

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