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Welcome to Acier Doux , How are you doing ? Are you ready to answer all our questions?

Yes, finally !  Sorry for the delay.

Tell us how were your beginnings in the Heavy Metal music’s world. What catched your attention to dedicate yourself to it ? Did you study music in an academic or professional way, or are you self-taught ?

Metallica, Van Halen, Black Sabbath, and Iron Maiden.  Growing up in suburban souther California before the internet was popular, these were the bands that I discovered in my local record store that really changed my life.  These bands really made me feel a power like no other.  I felt like I was a part of something and knew right then what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.  I still listen to these bands quite often.

Almost 6 years since Night Demon start the Heavy Metal career . How do you see the band’s evolution from then till now ? 

Almost six years since we got together, but really we did not play one note for the first year and a half, so It hasn’t quite been that long.  I do see the band’s evolution as a crazy thing.  We have been playing straight since 2013 and really touring our asses off.  I’m actually on tour right now and have been for months.  We are really at the point where this is a full time job for us and we are doing this for survival at this point.  We just have a great determination to take our music to heights beyond our wildest dreams.

I’m a big fan of the Two full albums ” Curse of the Damned ” and  ” Darkness Remains ” From the way you deal with music, and your expectations of it, till the way you compose ?

Thank you.  Yes we really put a lot of effort into the song writing aspect of it.  I think we are really much better players then you hear on the albums, but our first priority is always to serve the song, instead of just showing off what we can do as musicians.  A good song is always better than showing off.

” Darkness Remains ” is really a masterful piece of art in my eyes and it really stands out and beyond what Night Demon have done before . Musically with the recording what did you guys changes , what did you do different this time around ?

Really not too much.  We still record the songs live with no click tracks and no headphones.  Everyone in a small room just banging away.  This time however, I would say the difference is that we focused a lot more on the production of the actual sounds and stripped back the number of instruments.  On this album there are no rhythm guitar tracks, as we are just a three piece band live, so we wanted to reprint that on record, as well.  I am pleased with the results .

Your lyrical inspiration is obviously Is about Evil, Darkness, Demons , and that is obvious through your titles and your cover artwork. What is your opinion on about it ? 

That’s all the things we like and all the things that Heavy Metal fans like.  Some of our songs have an emotional undertone, but evil and darkness can also be sad and somber.  It doesn’t always need to be scary.

So what is the situation with the Heavy Metal scene in your location ? How do you see the scene evolving through time ?

The scene is getting stronger and stronger each year.  I like to think that newer bands like us have something to do with that.  I think a lot of people from our local scene see us travel the world with success and do a lot of things like that, and they really do start believing that it is possible for any band to do this.  We also have our own festival in California called Frost and Fire.  I do believe that the festival helps our local scene, because we are bringing foreign bands and fans into California .

Which studio did you use for The Night Demon ?

Bright Mountain in Keane, CA.  Our good friend Joe Martin owns the studio.  We also recorded Curse of the Damned there.  It is in the mountains in the middle of nowhere, and really good for having no distractions and getting things done.  We don’t spend a lot of time in the studio, so it’s good to have solitude.

What’s your impression of  Heavy Metal fans ? 

I think there are great Heavy Metal fans all over the world.  Many people celebrate differently depending on their culture and their hunger for the music, but all in all heavy metal fans are the best in the world.  It is the only genre in the world where fans support the most, and I am so grateful for them.

Do you think fans are at times unrealistic in terms of the type of sounds they want to be hearing from you all  ?

Not really.  Our fans have a lot of respect for us.  I think the touring we do really shows the fans that we are there for them and if they have a place for us to play, we will be there.

What do you think ,if I say that Im from the few Night Demon fans in Tunsia or maybe the only one ?

I think you are doing good work by doing this interview with us and helping us spread the word.  When we started, we had zero fans and nobody knew about us.  It all has to start somewhere, and we are honored it is starting with you, my friend.

That’s about all I have for you today, unless you have any last words for your fans over at Acier Doux ?

Follow your dreams, people.  Life is short.  Go out and get it !  We all deserve it.

Interviewer : Speedskullcrusher 

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