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Hello and Welcome to Acier Doux ! I hope everything is Ok. Introduce the band and catch the attention of New Wave Of Blackened Heavy Metal metallers in thirst for mind destroying brutality !

UGH!!!! Thank you for your interest ! I have followed some of your interviews and they are all really in-depth and well-structured ! Vigilance hails from Slovenia. We’ve been working hard since 2010 and have until now created a few demo tapes, one EP and three full-length albums on different labels from all over the globe ! Since 2010, lot has changed, so only me and Gilian remain in the band from the beginning. Few years ago, Rok and Andrej have joined the gang and seem to fit in very well both musically and in ways of  friendship.

Your last album is entitled ” Hammer of Satan’s Vengeance “, can you introduce this record in few words ? Is there a link between the title and the style you whould play it ?

The record is a result of the new line-up. It was created quite quickly, due to frequent rehearsals and other jam-session styled meetings. It was recorded last summer by us and our good friend Bezo. He and Gilian took care for the mix and mastering themselves, so that we could easily obtain the production we always wanted. The hammer of satan is struck in the first minutes of the album already, since the title track, which appears as the first album track, after the short intro, serves as an embodiment of the very spirit of the whole album. It is an obscure mix of  Epic Heavy Metal and ancient black metal disgust in vein of Master’s Hammer. 

What could you say the readers to convince them throwing an hear on this album?

Not much i haven’t said already, really. I believe that the chosen few who worship the ancient blend of epic heavy and black metal will cross paths with the album by theirselves. Others not so fortunate will find the album too aggressive in ways of vocals or too melodic in ways of the riff art. I feel the style changed a bit compared to your two previous releases that had something in common on a visual point of view. 

Who has created the cover artwork ? Was a proposition of  your label ?

The album artwork is created by our fine friend Karmazid. As was the case with the previous album, he was the one who took care of the cover art concept. We only gave him the album tracks, lyrics and a general description. A great artist works best if he is not restricted by too many rules and directions. And he is a great artist indeed !

What has lead you to sign with ” Dying Victims Productions ”  ? What did please you in their offer? And what did they offer, it it’s not too indiscreet ?

We have worked with many labels and I may say that Dying victims is the very best of them all. We got in touch while seeking for someone to release our first EP and remained in contact ever since. The label is extremely professional in the best kind of way. They have a great distribution, lovely attitude and, what is really important to me, cut straight to the point. No beating around the bush with them, just straight, honest and fast answers. Beside that, i must say, i love just about everything they release !

Since the release of your first album in 2013 , Speed Metal globally became much more old school. The more modern or technical sub-genres became less prevalent, the obscure or retro sides are now much more present… Is this a global evolution to please you ?

That is a fine observation ! Since I got into music as a kid (and i may speak for Gilian here as well), bands with old-school, organic, analog production have been the centre of my attention. That is partly due to my love towards old psychedelic and other rock bands, but it is also an important factor in the most violent forms of metal out there! Be it Kansas, Judas Priest or Merciless, plastic production is not wanted here. Same goes with our taste of speed metal and we do try to stick with that when it comes to making our own music. No computer editing bull shit ! 

Your band name basically had links with Occultism, War, History… It’s a bit curious since your music became very dark… But maybe we might still see a link with Satanism aspect the creativity can take? What meaning does the band name take for you these days ?

Well, the band name speaks of an eye, ever present and all-seeing one! It is such a general symbol, it is a waste of precious time to try and give it one direct meaning. You can attribute it either to various mythologies, cabalistic mysticism, various eastern gods and goddesses and even to more popular literary artworks, such as the works of Tolkien. Perhaps it is best if the listener himself decides what the eye should represent! I will say only that both Gilian and I are history geeks and scholars, lovers of the occult and really interested in various forms of symbolism, be it religious or profane. It is only a matter of the inspiration we get while creating new musick. Who knows what the new album will bring !

What are your best gig remembrances ? We can imagine it was those that occurred in your area (Where you have a wider audience and a more important amount of contacts…) ?

You are quite right! The very best place to gig for us is our own hometown, Postojna! We did all of our release parties there and they were the very best evenings we ever had ! Surrounded by friends and family ! Other than that, I must say, Germanyand Rumaniaare my personal favorites on the list of countries we had played at! It’s all about the energy of the audience!

Which albums or demos were the most intensively played in your Hi-fi the last year ? Which were the biggest ball-kickers and for 2017 in your opinion ?

Ha, there are so many!! The last three years have been extremely fertile in the ways of metal arts! I will only name a few, since the list is exhaustingly long. Occult burial (can), Ranger(fin), Torpedo (nor/aus), Rapid (fin), Bezdan (cro), Morbid Creation (our local madmen!), Transylvania (aust), Darvaza (nor),Rapture (gre) Source (swe). This year has already brought quite a few sick ones- Vampire (swe), Condor (nor), Possession (bel), Slaughter messiah (bel), Venenum (ger), Ensnared (swe), Terminal (swe) and much more to come!

Tell us more about your forthcoming projects, and feel free to inject an idea , Thanks answering my qyestions !

Well since the new album is not out yet, out main focus was supposed to be live gigs. Now we do have quite a few gigs before us, but we are creative creatures, so the first songs of the next album are being made as we speak! 

Thank you for the great interview. It is fantastic to see interest for Metal from your parts too ! Keep up the fine work and I hope we can co-operate again

Interviewer : Speedskullcrusher

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