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Hello and Welcome to Acier Doux , What’s up? Can you introduce the band to the readers ?

Hello i’m good thanks! Well Mouflon is a 5 piece metalminded friend group who share the same thoughts and feelings about metal basically and we are; Me (Tijl) on Bass, Rich-Guitar, Peet-Guitar, Melvin-Grunts and Rutger-Drums which is based in Arnhem/Holland. After we all have bin playing in several bands we came together somewhere in 2012 and started Mouflon, first we had another drummer called Ed but he decided to stop for personal reasons but we’re still good friends and as we see it, Mouflon wouldn’t exsist without him ! 

Your first demo “Mouflon”was recorded in February 11th, 2014… Was it a volunteer choice, or due to lack of time ? Sometimes records sound better with 2 or 3 guitars (The stereo “effect”), but yours comes with a quite loud distortedsound !!

It was no lack of time but more a natural process. We started Mouflon back in 2012 and before we where used to eachother, found the form wich we wanted to make music, and wrote some own songs it was 2014 haha.. And good things need time so that’s the reason. But the sound we have created comes from a bit of experiance due the time of being a musician and try things out. We have always used several mics in the proces and when recorded we go do our own mixing so that’s the secret

What inspires Mouflon to write meat-kicking Death demos ? Do you use a blastometer to make sure enough Death parts are enclosed?

No haha we don’t use anyblastometer or what so ever but we just maken them up as they come along at the reahersals. We all listen to different kinds of metal but oldskool deathmetal as the mean source for us so there is more then enough inspiration around us.

Do you prefer to record for albums or split Eps or Demos ? It might be cooler for shorter releases: Throw the bowels in the recorder, and that’s done! No need to spend hours ?

Well at the moment we are in a pre-production state so we will record in the end of this year hopefully a full album, but we don’t have a mean strategy to go with. We always looking for improvement as we do the recordings ourselfs but this time we have asked for help to a good friend of us and he’s really try to get the best out of us what what is new to us. We really want it to take it to a new level but with the oldskool attitude that fits our ends.

When I look at your facebook page, it seems your debut album needed between need time to be totally recorded… What were the reasons for this? Lack of blood at the local abattoir ?

Well the mean reason for this is was that we have switched drummers in the end of 2015 so we needed time to get him to know the songs and our style and at the same time we where also writing new material. So far we have 5 new songs ready and some that are in proces to finish but also that we have done some gigs because that is what we love to do, so there was not a single reason but several.

Are you looking soon to record the debut album of Mouflon ?

Hell yeah just what i was telling you, we are in the middle of this proces of pre-production to go from there to the recording of our debut. We already have found a place to do this. In this last year we have addes ourself to “Doc-agency”, this is a guy who has his heart in the deathmetal scene and has more bands under his wing, but he also have this place where will record so we are really looking forward to it.

What is needed for the composition of good Mouflon tracks? Is this about beer, or something else ? Do you listen to some old Death Metal before each rehearsals so that you are in the right mood, or do you prefer to watch horror movies or something ?

What is needed is ofcourse a deathmetal attitude haha but seriously we are always in the mood when we go to our rehearsals. First we gonna sit down and put some metal music on and than some of us take a beer or a nice splif or just a coca cola and talk for a short while to tell what we have done that week you know, just chit chat and when we have done that we put our gear on and play as loud as we can!! We don’t have really a ritual to go with but we take it as it is.. We all have normal jobs and lifes but we have this great passion together to make some bad ass deathmetal in our spare time at we call it Mouflon.

Tell us more about the Dutch Death Metal scenes! For years Netherlands was known for its Thrash and old school Heavy metal bands, but things seem to change…?

Really? I think we see it differently because maybe we are in the middle off it but what i can tell you is that the scene in Holland is very big in the meaning of that there is always somewhere a concert that you can go to. Some of the bands are big and foreign and others are from dutch soil and sometimes smaller bands, the underground scene as you can call it. And the scene is always changing as times goes by, it’s a natural flow as i see it and than you have also that we grow older and new generations come allong. And ofcourse we are also looking to other countries to there scenes, how they do it etc..

Which words would fit your sounds the best ? Molestation, Rumination, Vomiting, , Creeping, Amorphous, Ritual, Spiritual, Debauchery, Enormous, Malevolent, Enlightened, Suffering .

Death, Brutal, Right in your face, the world as we see it but most of all the Fun and Love for making Deathmetal music! The whole week we’ve worked our ass off but in the end of that week we come together in our rehearsal room to play as loud and brutal as we can…

What does Death Metal mean for you? Do you think you could play another kind of Death Metal on command ?

Well Deathmetal means FREEDOM ! Freedom to be who I wanna be, feel how I wanna feel and listen to the hell I wanna listen to! Ofcourse i don’t listen not only to deathmetal but metal in general, i like doom, speed, thrash, heavy, or any kind of metal. I also play in another band that doesn’t play straight deathmetal but we play metal music and that is not what i do on command, that doesn’t feel right to me but what does feel right to me is that i make music in my own way and that I like it in my own way.

Tell us more about your forthcoming projects. Thanks for the answers.

What i told you before, our goal for now is that we want to record an album of wich we can be proud of and ofcourse play gigs so people who like our music can hear us play it to them as loud as we can and drink beer with them after the gig, to me that is the most beautifull thing to do ! < b>And thank you for having intrest in Mouflon, that’s the way to give us the courage to go on ! \m/

Interviewer : Speedskullcrusher

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