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Hello , this is our first interview. So let us speak a bit about the Tytan’s past. Who and when had the idea to form this band ?

Tytan rose from the Ashes of my time with the band Angel Witch. It was my idea to form the band .

How long has the band been together ?

We formed in 1981 but broke up in 1983 due to the collapse of our record company. We then reformed in 2012 and with a new line up, and have continued since then.

Is there a particular story behind the Tytan’s name ?

The arrogance of youth probably had something to do with the choice, i.e we thought we were “Tytans” of rock at the time !

Back to the early days what led to the creation of Tytan and this particular type of sound over any other style of music ?

I was always a melodic heart of Angel Witch and when I decided to form Tytan, the style and melodic cross over with heavy metal was very natural for me.

What was the ambitions of the band when you started ?

To conquer the world haha…to be the next Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath…like every new band .

What motivated you to form Taytan ?

The love of the music, the joy of playing live and of entertaining people and making them happy.

Metal Fans still love what you are made ?
We are fortunate that we have a fantastic and loyal fans base around the world and this is the reason we continue.

Usually Tytan lyrics reference Money, Love, Girls  type of stuff what you think about it ?

SOMETIMES we talk about money, love and girls…but again this maybe the arrogance of youth…we also try to deal with more sober and serious subjects like religion, politics and the corruption they always cause as in “Blind men & Fools”

Do you have any stories about Tytan ? From tours or studiowork ? Something you never forget about it y or something we dont know yet ?

Every gig Tytan play is a unique experience, always full of laughter and there are too many stories to be able to pick one…perhaps I should leave them for my biography..!!

What was the most important show you’ve ever played ? And the best one – technically ?

Probably Keep It True in 2012 when we were asked to reform, was Tytanj’s most important show because it made me realise that people were still interested, that we were still relevant and that we could still entertain. This is what still drives us today.

Your latest studio album (until now , 2017) is “Justice : Served ”. Give us all the info about its release and the years that followed with all the live shows around the globe ?

2017 is all about the new album, released on High Roller Records on May 26th, we have shows in the Uk and Europebooked to support the album release, details will be going onto our Facebook page soon.

How do you think your music will progress in the future ?

I can only continue writing from the heart and about things I find fun or interesting…this always has and always will be, the way I approach new songs.

What are the next steps for Tytan ?

The most exciting time for Tytan is now with the new album, the first for 30 years, the prospect of more live shows from a young vibrant band makes me excited for the future .

What do you think if I say that I’m the only Tytan Fan in Tunisia or maybe in Africa Continent , Hahahaha ?

I would say you’re a very lucky, sensible but maybe lonely man ! But at least you have the good taste to listen to the finest music in the world, let’s hope we can bring some to Tunisia in the future.

Thanks for your time answering my questions. I wish you the best of luck! Please close the interview in any way you like…

Thank you for your interest, we wish peace and good fortune to you and the people of  Tunisia.

Interviewer  : Speedskullcrusher

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