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Underground salutations from Acier Doux Tunisia ! Before all, a little introduction to Primitive might be necessary for those who didn’t cross your musical paths. When was the band formed, what are the important points of your biography and what are your aims?

Primitive was formed in 2014. Our aims is to make dirty and ugly primitive Metal !

What are the last news from the PrimitIve camp one would need to know to be decently updated ?

We just released out first album NEGRO METAL DA MORTE, however the tracks on this album is from 2015 and we already have another album ready to be released some time in 2017.

What was the vibe like in the studio ?

We recorded everything live to keep the primitive essence of the band.

Can you tell us about your last release “ Negro Metal da Morte’’ ?

Negro Metal da Morte as i said before, was recorded in 2015 and just released in 2016, the album brings tracks from our previous demos, plus a track called “Sword of Vengeance” that was written during the recording, it took like 2 minutes to write the song and it came out great.

In your music I feel an Blackned Thrash feelings that’s full of old wisdom , but is also quite corrosive… Is this the real aura of Primitive ? How do you usually call your band’s music ? Would “Black Thrash metal” suffice, or is something Rituals, The Primitive, Old Wisdom needed ?

Primitive plays dirty and ugly primitive Metal ! 

Tell us about the subjects your lyrics deal with. Why you choose Brazilian as a language, or you do not want foreign listeners to understand your message ? I know some Black Thrash Metal fanatics would love to hear a band of this kind sing in English, I’m sure it would sound even more cult and necro in their hears… But would it be something right to do ?

We sing in portuguise, which is our language here in Brazil. Must of the bands from Brasil in the 80s used to sing in
portuguise, our country is very big, we have a great heavy metal scene, so thats why we sing some of the songs in portuguise, so people from here can get what we are saying! But we also sing in english, the next album will have more songs in english.

The lyrics is all about occultism, death, personal views of existence and beyond…

What does Black Thrash metal mean for you? Do you like other kinds of music than ” Pure Black Thrash ” or do you hardly open your hears to anything much different from Speed Metal and maybe Heavy Metal ?

For me from Motorhead to Darkthrone is all heavy metal! I listen to it all for more than 20 years, the only thing is that it have to be traditional and pure.

Do the musicians of the band play in other projects ? I know you are playing in Tümulo and Arma but Some of the members might even have recorded demos or albums in some other bands ? my readers might know because of a “famous” recording or even a very obscure mysterious demo After all, a part of my readers are quite deep in the depths, so who knows ?

Yes, Armando Executor, the bassist, play in several bands and one of them is Flagelador (which is his official band)… check it out.

Mitchel Outburst, our drummer, is the vocalist of the band Metraliator, please check them out.

Did you play a lot of gigs and how does it generally occur Did you already make a concert with Primitive ?

We did a tour in January and after that we played a few gigs aswell  !!

I have seen from time to time black Tharsh metal labels promoting their releases as “Metal of death”, which sounds a little strange in my hears… Do you think Black Thrash metal could decently be called “Metal of death” or should this morbid way of invoking the iron be kept for real ancient Black Thrash Metal ? 

I think its all heavy metal! And the label is all about the lyrics, but for the last 20 years seems like the riffs became more important than the lyrics… i don´t know what is what anymore ha ha , for me it just have to be honest, agressive, traditional…. Primitive started as a Black Metal act and it still, the lyrics is all about Death, Occultism etc as i said before, but i like to call it dirty and ugly primitive music  !!

This interview has reached the last flagstones of the graven path, tell us morbid readers about your forthcoming projects and feel free to conclude in metallic avulsion!

Thanks for the interview and for the interest in our dirty primitive ritual! There will be a new album soon! Cheers

Interviewer : Speedskullcrusher


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