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Hello, Welcome To Acier Doux Metal , first of all are things cool with you and macerating in your area ?

Hey man, thanks for having me ! Everything is going great, lots of stuff is coming up, spring is kicking in, so it couldn’t get any better haha.

Well You no idea how much Im honored about this Interview with A Metal God as you are , I’m die hard fan of your music through your bands you are in, Vicious Rumors , Powerized , Induction , Methusalem can you introducing this Full legendary Metal career to Acier Doux Readers ?

Hahaha, well I think that’s a little too much honour, calling me a “Metal God” already, but thank you very much for your kind words, I really appreciate it! People might now Vicious Rumors as one of the founders of Bay Area Thrash Metal. They’ve been around and touring for a while already Methusalem is a more heavy metal orientated band, whereas Induction is a project/band I’m working on a lot lately, to create the first full length record. I think you can call it symphonic metal, but it’s hard to categorize a band into a specific genre haha. My main band is Powerized, which is a symphonic prog band, where we also like to focus on giving a big show. We recently finished all the recordings, including a full orchestra and a lot of choirs (which was intense and a lot of work, but all worth it haha), so that full length can be expected as well. Although no date is set yet. Right now we are planning recordings for the first music video of the record, so you can hear the upcoming single shortly!  We really try to focus on giving a show and present a full picture.

Introduce your last recording with these bands , and tell us why it could please Metal fans who like the style to be Know more details about it ?

With Vicious Rumors we recently released Concussion Protocol, which was received very well by the media and fans. It charted in many countries, the iTunes charts, Saturn charts and a lot of other charts haha. It was great reading all the responses of people and if you are into riff orientated power with some aggression, I think you might like this record a lot. It combines melody with some brutality. Induction and Powerized both only released a single. Induction really has a lot of melodies and a lot of power. It is music that gets thrown into your face. Our single with Powerized, called “Where Worlds Meet the Eye” is a more describing story, with a lot of dynamics, going from very heavy to very subtle, a lot of melodies, layers and power to support the song. So hopefully you will like it.

Your music is quite seriously brutal and powerfull … Don’t tell me ” It’s just how you feel “, it should be directed towards someone or something… So what’s the reason for so much of Heaving and powefull feelings ?

That is a hard question actually. I think the main reason is, that I really want to convince people the right attitude and feeling of the song and I’d like to express that in the right way. Sometimes that requires power, but it’s always purely. There’s no faking it or something like that, so maybe that’s the reason it sounds like that haha.

What’s your favorite country on a Metallic point of view ?

Another tough question. I think I almost have to name Germany , so many great bands come from that country, but I think every country has got something to offer !

Talking about Vicious Rumors , It something defines Vicious Rumors ’s career is the quality and high level of all your albums , you was in with the band ?

I think the quality of the record mainly comes from good riffs and no fillers on the record. The songs are strong, there’s no showing off or something like that, but everything is just done in order to fit the song. No unnecessary stuff is going on. And again, there was a lot of chemistry in writing the songs together and it just worked out. When there’s a connection in the band, the right connection and the working environment works out, I think that represents itself on the record.

So many bands try to catch that vibe from the 80s, and many sound good but only a few sound so real as bands as Vicious Rumors . I think that is one of the assets you have never lost and I guess the fans really appreciate it  ?

I certainly do hope so. I wont really say I’m aiming for an 80’s vibe, not at all actually. But I think we share the same mindset. In a world where there is a lot of pop where everything is quantized, the whole feel of a song gets lost, it is all going to be somewhat the same. Back in the 80’s it all was about the feel and everything should fit the song. I think I have that same approach, no fixed rules, just whatever feels right is right. It shouldn’t be necessary to think if something is right, if it feels good, it is !

In your opinion, which one of your classic albums has been more important to put Vicious Rumors among the top class bands of US Power Heavy Metal ?

That has to be Digital Dictator I think, although the self titled album also contributed to their reputation. It wasn’t very well known, having these duo solos, strong rhythms and dynamic vocals.

Is there something you regret doing or not doing with your Metal Career ?

I don’t regret anything, that’s actually the way I’d like to go through life. I always do, so I won’t regret. There’s nothing worse than thinking “oh, I wish I should have done that”. So I’d rather just do and if it turns out to be a mistake, at least I know and I won’t regret that, cause I found out haha.

How do you see the metal scene nowadays ?

The metal scene is definitely changing; I’m not sure in what direction yet though. I believe it will always be alive, but things might need to change to match in this digital world. Album sales are going down and there will be a time CD’s don’t exist anymore. So things need to develop and the demandings are higher nowadays. It’s harder to get noticed and get the attention out of so many great bands. So what I think will happen is that it’s going to be more than music. A lot of creative ideas are coming up, so bands stick out and we can expect big shows and great new creative ideas.

Time to talk about gigs. Any dates already scheduled for next year With you bands ? Are we going to see you across Europe ?

For now, it’s all in the works, cause I’m working in the studio a lot with both Induction and Powerized. So first I’d like to focus on finishing that, but than you will definitely see us throughout Europe for sure!! I love to play and put the show on stage, so I’m very much looking forward in new tours, promoting the record, meeting fans and celebrating music with as many individuals as possible.

What is the favourite Place for Vicious Rumors live shows ? What about elsewhere in the States ? Are there other places you have received great responses from ?

For me personally, the most overwhelming response we got was in South America. Fans are really dedicated down there and all the shows we played were truly amazing. Last tour with Dirkschneider playing Accept songs, we were also received very well and the audiences welcomed us indescribably humble. Actually, everywhere we play the people are great, it’s the amount and the different culture in South America, which amazed me the most I guess haha.

How important is playing shows for you personally, to go out and play in front of your supportive fans ? Is it a ” Necessary Evil ” or the salt that give the meal that much more flavor ?

It’s not at all a necessary evil . I love playing live and putting the show to the stage, like I said earlier. There is nothing greater than being on a stage, seeing people enjoying themselves, hearing the crowd scream from the top of their lungs and give your everything and be in the vibe of a life concert. Most of the times I forget about half of the show that happened, cause I was so full of adrenaline. It feels so great to be out there, watching people singing along, talking to the people afterwards who are supporting us and are making it possible we are able to do this, it’s really a way of life. There’s nothing greater and I can’t wait for the next time to be out there on stage again and celebrating music.

Thank you for taking some time to answer my questions and keep up the great work with Vicious Rumors in the future. If you have any last words of wisdom and experience to finish this chat properly, by all means spit them out… Much Love and Respect Brother ….. 

Well, coming back to one of your questions, don’t regret anything, but learn. There’s room for failure and people should care less of what others think. Just do your thing, and if you are standing behind what you are doing, others will too! Keep an eye out on what’s coming up for Powerized and Induction ! Thank you very much for having me and I hope to catch you all somewhere on the road, we’ll have a great night, drink a beer and we will burn the place down and let people know we are there, alive and well haha.

Interviewer : Speedskulcrusher

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