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Welcome to Acier Doux Metal! Thanks for taking time to answer a few questions from our end. How are things in the Bestial Invasion camp ?

Hello, Thank you ! Things are going well, and it will be better when we release the album. The new single showed that we are moving in the right direction despite the difficult material for perception. As I understand from reviews of fans and other musicians – the single was a success.

What inspired the band to get together ?

Half of the Band members lives in another country, but this does not prevent us from working productively. The main thing is that everyone has a desire to create, and the rest is trifles. At the moment I have a wonderful staff, in which there are enthusiasts and professionals in their field, that’s why it’s easy for us to work. In the beginning, I come up with the basic material and the concept of the song and then send it out to everyone and each introduces their ideas and corrections. As you can see the result is not bad. Yes, we see each other, we even make fan gathers in honor of the release of new releases. Where we can have a good time and chat with fans face to face.

Why was the name bestial invasion chosen as the band’s name ?

Just at that time it was the most suitable name, and also I love the band Destruction.

What are your influences ?

We really like old school so for us it’s Poltergeist, Dark Angel, Toxik, Coroner, Watchtower, Realm, Messiah, Vendetta, Anacrusis, Destruction, Iron Maiden, Atheist, Raven .

What is your music background ?

Techical Thrash Metal .

What was the vibe like in the studio ? Did you want to keep the Thrash Metal 80’s sound ?

Everything went well, we are satisfied with the result. I think the material is preserved, but there is no sound. 1 album was maximally done for 80’s  years. 

Can you tell us about your latest release ?

I think at the time of the interview he will be available for listening. On this album, I tried to correct the error of the debut album, on which there was no connection between the music and the lyrics. The lyrics were written by another person who did not really go into music. So I took everything under my control and tried to connect the lyrics and the concept with music as much as possible. Almost all the lyrics I wrote based on their personal interests and emotions. On the album you can find songs that touch historical events, art, criminology, cinematography, classical literature. On the album you can see a variety of styles of music from funk to black metal. We tried not to drive ourselves to certain limits. Our new guitarist Denis Schwartz, who just recorded the most outrageous and crazy guitar parts, also put his hand to it.

I wonder if you listen to your new release Bestial Invasion immediately after you finish it or do you give it some time before listening to it? For the new fans hearing you for the first time, how would you describe your sound ?

We immediately unload, that our fans will not die from waiting. Our style is like an animal that fucks your mom in all holes .

Metal Fans love what you are made and buy what you had maded ?

We are much loved in the world, especially in the USA. We sold a lot of CDs right there, and many people are waiting for a new album.

What’s the most memorable show you guys have played and where are you scheduled to hit the stage in the near future ?

The best show was Vinnitsa, we then kicked all ass, the hall burned, prostitutes around us danced. And then we brought a poser to the gods of Venom.On one of the songs, I led a girl from the audience with mine cock over her lips.

Are you touring soon ?

No, the organizer has no money to pull our terms .

Are there any countries you’re interested in touring or performing in ? Why ?

Mongolia, China, North Korea, Marshall Islands, Nigeria, Chad, Honduras, Nepal is the best place for us. 

How do you think your music will progress in the future ?

I think we’ll be even more grim and sexy, our music will bring your moms to a wild orgasm.

Hahahah Very Thrashy ,  What do you think if I say that I’m the only Bestial Invasion fan in Tunisia or maybe in Africa Continent ? ?

 Most likely one, I was generally surprised that they know us there. Thank you man, you’re cool.

Thanks for your time answering my questions. I wish you the best of luck! Please close the interview in any way you like ….. 

AVE Priest, I’ll kill your idols, Just give me an excuse. Whoever was breathing in the direction of the throne does not care, The second coming of Priest – Hallelujah ! I limp from your mother’s bedroom .

Interviewer : Speedskullcrusher

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