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Hello, What’s up ? Welcome to Acier Doux , Can you introduce the band to the readers ?

CHRONOSPHERE was formed in Athens/Greece back in 2009 and now consists of: Spyros Lafias(Vocals/Guitar), Kostas Spades(Bass/Backing Vocals), Thanos Krommidas (Drums), Panos Tsampras (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals). Recently we released our 3rd full length album “Red N’ Roll” which got amazing feedback!! We also planning our 3rd European Tour “Red N’ Road”, taking place in eight countries !!

Your band name basically had links with Politics , Religion, Science… It’s a bit curious since your music became very Thrashy … What meaning does the band name take for you these days ?

Our name reflects the battle between Chaos and Redemption of the human spirit. CHRONOSPHERE stands for authenticity, honesty and becoming the best version of yourself. 

I was surprised by your full-length album “Tribute Red n’ Roll”, the style is quite seriously extreme for theThrash Metal genre, and the content is also quite original. Perhaps I could say this album is even a bit too much for myself on a matter of Violence… Do you think the words “Music entertainment” still exist in Greece ?

Words like music entertainment and metal scene definitely exist in Greece, especially in the last decade or so, where the metal scene has a rapid growth.

Speaking about you genre Thrash Metal, do you prefer SLAYER, KREATOR , DARK ANGEL or DESTRUCTION? Which can have been the biggest influence on CHRONOSPHERE ? Do you like some new Thrash Metal bands, or it’s mostly about the old ones ?

We believe in variety and abundance so each of us has a unique taste in metal. However some common influences are bands like Megadeth, Slayer, Lamb of God, Enforcer etc.

How long did it take to compose the whole last album? Was it quite fast as the inspiration came in a few months, or did it take the course of long years ?

The inspiration came quite fast, the process of production though lasted a year or so.

Which memory do you keep of the first album released on CHRONOSPHERE ?

We keep a lot of memories from our debut album such as many inside jokes !

When you write songs, do you focus on the intensity , energy, bizarre sounding riffs, catchy sounding parts… What do you have in mind, what’s your goal during the process of creation ?

During the process of creation, we focus on what it sounds cool to us. We always choose the riffs that better deliver our truth. Most of the times our music is fresh and energized.

What has lead you to sign with Punishment 18 Records ? What did please you in their offer?

Punishment 18 Records is a great label. It’s the second time we collaborate with them and it is because they give us the freedom to create and also because of their low distribution costs.

What are your best gig or concert remembrances? We can imagine it was those that occurred in your area Where you have a wider audience and a more important amount of contacts ?

Our best show so far was the one in our hometown Athens, where we participated in the Wacken Metal Battle, won the 1st prize and actually got a slot on Wacken Festival!!

What could the listeners expect from the band in the future? Did you already begin to work on the next compositions, or feel there’s no emergency ? Thanks for the answers.

First of all, our NEW clip “Before It’s Gone” just released on youtube (link below), also “ Red N’ Road Tour 2017 ” starts at 13th of April. Make sure to check out our Facebook page (link below) for future plans and our official site (link below) to get our kick-ass merchandise !! Thanks for the interview Acier Doux and don’t forget to Red N’ Roll!

Interviewer : Speedskulcrusher

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