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Hello and Welcome to Acier Doux ! For those who weren’t familiar with The Claymore , could you write down a great of German Power Metal history ? What was the band about? And when ?

We started with the Claymore in the year 2000. The underground metal scene in our area was down at this time, but we wanted to play anyway. We started to organize small gigs by ourselves and everything started to grow. In the last 17 years we have seen so many things and made so many experiences that we never forgot; too many to write them all down  

Is there a particular story behind the band name ?

No, it sounds good I think! Doesn’t it ? 

Hahahahha , well I do like the Band name , Since your band is underground in the initial meaning of the word, an introduction to your music would be necessary ? 

We just want to play our own style, it is not necessary to call it Power-Metal or Heavy Metal or something else. We just call it Metal! We have much different sounding songs , I think, but it’s always The Claymore !

The music of  The Claymore is always fast, or almost always. Was your goal to be as powerful as possible? If the band had appeared a few years later, do you think you might have used blast beats in a so extensive manner? (In the mid to late 90’s it was the way to be the most extreme (If it was well done) ?

Maybe you know the Song , We are prisoners of our time”from Running Wild We started to play metal in the late 90´s but we were influenced by 80´s German Power-Metal at this Time. Over the years, there were many bands and songs that inspired us, so we could create our own style. I like to play double-bass and fast songs, of course! And by the way, we have a short blast beat in the end of the Song “Angels Assassination”

The band originated from Germany. Were there cool metal bands in your area back then? Maybe there was something like a scene with bands worth the neck break ?

There are many good underground-bands in our area, maybe you know Agamendon, Layment, Fairytale, Cryptic Lane, Gloryful, Custard and many more! I think that we have a really good scene here !

Your last album Damnation Reigns was recently rereleased by Black Bards Entertainment. How did it happen and are you happy with the release ? 

We were happy with the release and with the Label. We started with the label after our show at Rock-Hard Festival. The band started to grow after that, but know with the new line up it is time to go another step forward !

What’s the most memorable show you guys have played and where are you scheduled to hit the stage in the near future ?

Our biggest show was the Rock Hard Festival with Iced Earth and Immortal. The Cremona Motor Rock Festival in Italy and the support-Tour with W.A.S.P. in 2010 were also awesome! And of course several shows in Romania, the first shows out of Germany! In this year we will be back in Italy for one or two shows with Tarchon Fist. We really are looking forward to this !

How important are lyrics for the band ? Who writes them? What kinds of themes inspire you guys to write about ?

Our Singer Pan writes the lyrics, you have to ask him for details 😉 But I can say that there are no political lyrics! For me music is a thing to escape from reality and to let loose. In my opinion is the music much more important than the lyrics.

How do you think your music will progress in the future ?

Everything is possible, but of course it will be Metal !!!

What are the next steps for your band ?

Recording the new Album, playing great shows, having much fun as possible !!! That are always the next steps !

Thanks for your time answering my questions. I wish you the best of luck! Please close the interview in any way you like …..

Support the underground, support Metal ! If you want to survive, don´t drink and drive ! 

Interviewer : Speedskullcrusher

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