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Hello  First warm Hails From Acier Doux Tunisia  , and thanks for taking time to answer to my questions !!! 

Can you first tell us about you, your background as a musician…your past or actual involvement in other bands! I want to know everything about you career ?

Hello! Ok, so Axe Crazy was formed in 2010 on the ruins of the heavy metal band called Beast which Robson, Andrew and I have been playing since 2002. Then in 2010 after some personal changes, to the team joined Jacek Boron (vocal) and Micha? W?óczko (bass). Then the band also changed their name to Axe Crazy (chosed from a song of NWOBHM legend Jaguar). The band from the beginning, plays traditional heavy metal mostly influenced by bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Helloween, Running Wild, Dio etc. Band repertoire is of course own songs interspersed with classic hard & heavy covers. In 2011 there was a change in the line-up of the band – Michal was replaced by Kamil Piesciuk, in 2012 another change with the arrival of Michael on vocals and since the band played a lot of shows in their hometown and beyond. In April 2014 Axe Crazy recorded and self released on CD their debut EP “Angry Machines” which had a lot of positive reviews from around the world. In March 2015 the band was featured on the German compilation “Trveheim Vol. 1.” In June 2015 the band signed with German label Pure Steel Records for release of their debut EP on vinyl.  Album limited to 200 copies was officially released on the 26th of February 2016. In August 2015 another Axe Crazy track was released on “True Metal Lives III – The Hard Road To Hell” compilation from USA. In December 2015 Kamil left the band and the new bass player became Daniel Czupryn. In March 2016 Axe Crazy recorded material for full-length album entitled “Ride on the night”. And here is the whole story .

The band’s lyrics focus pure Sci-fi, Social issues, Heavy metal themes . Is that something that you have an interest in, ? Is it difficult to find subjects not already taken ?

Yes, of course, our lyrics are about what we are interested in. Rather we try not to write about anything or something stupid. We also avoid the love themes  hahaha. We  don’t want to force ourself to come up with something new, because it would actually be hard. We think that we are continually a heavy metal tradition also in the text layer

With music based at the root of the Metal genre, who are your biggest influences musically ?

We really have a lot of musical inspirations, each of us probably has some of our own, but we certainly have a lot of common inspirations. I think there are bands like Helloween, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Stormwitch …

Introduce us to your last Album   ” Ride on the Night ” that was released at 2016… Are you still satisfied with it? How are the feedbacks for now? And the sales are they gaining weight as a big baby in full growth ?

The new album it’s the musical continuationof Ep Angry Machines, so it’s still a classic, traditional heavy metal. Yes we’re still satisfied with it of course. We think that it’s pretty good stuff as a first full-lenght  album 😉 So far the response to the album is very good, we have already gathered some good reviews in music magazines and web portals. When it comes to selling we don’t know whether it’s big or small so far, we only know that our part of the cd’s has already spread haha . So we hope that they sell well everywhere.

Who composes the most in the band? Have you got a quite particular way of composing, or does everything occur during rehearsals and then exchanges through emails ?

Usually Robson or I writes music and most of lyrics but these are the skeletons of songs that later we arrange together during rehearsals. This is how we do it.

Choose one of these bands : Saxon , Judas Priest  , Accpet l , Axe Crazy . Tell us what you think and feel while listening to their music, and which of their albums is your favourite ?

Hahaha it’s a very difficult choice,  because we love all these bands. But ok, let’s say we choose the Judas Priest. While listening to their music, we think it is the best music in the world,
which gives us strength, energy and motivation to create and realize our own musical ideas. I think that my favourite JP album is “Defenders of the faith”  Maybe because it was the first JP album I bought.

Do the musicians of Axe Crazy play in parallel projects? If so, are the styles different or quite close ? 

Only Daniel plays in the another band called Occult Militia, they’re great young thrash metal crew.

Where do you normally play ? What have been some of your bigger tours/gigs and whom have they been with? Any good stories that you would like to share along those lines ? Any upcoming plans/events that we need to know about ?

Mostly we play in clubs on the polish ground. Actually, there is nothing to praise, we don’t have much achievements when it comes to some big concerts. In Poland it’s difficult to arrange something when you don’t know the right people or you don’t have a lot of money to pay for play on the big stage with great bands. One of our better concerts was a concert in Krakow in 2015 with Skull Fist, Evil Invaders and our polish friends Roadhog. As for the upcoming concert plans, we want to play some concerts in Poland in the autumn. We would love to play at some metal festival, we sent the applications and wait for the response. Who knows, we may be able to play outside of our country .

What are the future projects of the band ? Some merchandising, gigs or other things are planned ? I leave you a bit of living space to make the final promotion and conclude…

We are currently preparing a small band merch, mainly some t-shirts and patches. In the near future, we’re also planning to make a video for one of our songs from the new album and of course to play some cool concerts. Thank you very much for interview. We would like to greet all the fans of heavy metal, we encourage you to follow us on our official facebook, istagram, youtubie and bandcamp profile. And of course, we invite you to our concerts ! 

Interviewer : Speedskullcrusher

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