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First of all, thanks for taking the time for the interview to Acier Doux , secondly, wow, ‘With Whips and Chains’’ last Savage Master release is a perfect Heavy album ! You must be pretty pleased with the result ! Before we go into this, how did the band form ?

You’re welcome,  thank you for the interest and support.  Yes we were very pleased with how the record came out. Well, the band is pretty much the brain child of Adam Neal, he and I worked together for years and were both in bands, his band The Hookers, mine Artwork for the Blind, which we both still do. I think Stacey was fairly new in town and looking to get into a band,  a mutual friend introduced her to Adam. He told me his Idea for the band, said he knew a drummer and bassist, asked me if I’d be into it, I said hell yeah. I think we were having our first practice a few days later. It was the first time I’d even met Stacey and the rest of the band and I remember thinking we had something killer after that first rehearsal.

So there’s some good influences here, when you started Savage Master, who were your inspiration ?

As far as influences, think late seventies, early eighties, when what we think of as heavy metal was just getting started. That transition from hard rock to heavy metal that happened there. I remember seeing something on Judas Priest about that time period, they were saying it was thought of it as an insult to call a band heavy metal, but they were one of, if not the first to call themselves a heavy metal band. That’s just my take, Adam does the song writing, and he is super knowledgeable all things music, not just metal. I think that’s probably his mindset on the style he goes for when crafting a tune though. Our guitar playing style and tone, to me, is pretty much as close to early Metallica as we can get. Generic, I know, but when I was a kid that shit changed my whole guitar playing life. I grew up learning on an acoustic guitar, so songs my dad taught me, like house of the rising sun, I’d love to change the world, and stairway to heaven. My favorite bands back then were ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, to name a few. When I first heard Ride the Lightning,  I knew that was my shit right there. Got a paper route and saved all summer so I could buy an electric guitar and amp.

As it was the second album, was a good studio recording experience ? What did you think of the process ?

Our studio experience is always good. We’ve used the same studio on all our recordings, a place here in Louisvillecalled Wax and Tape. Kent’s our good friend, knows what sound we’re going for, and knows what he’s doing. He even played bass for us at a few shows when we needed him to. He’s part of the band. 

How long and often do you spend doing band rehearsals? It sounds easy when you play the album ?

Rehearsals for that time, if I remember, we’d get together two or three times a week. We’ll usually rehearse for about three hours at a time. We did that record over a year ago, so it’s kinda fuzzy.  It’s basically getting to know the song structure so it’s second nature while playing it. We’re not doing anything too over the top hard to play, so if it sounds easy, I guess that’s because it kinda is. We’re not really that kind of band that’s trying to blow you away with how impossible this guitar part is to play or whatever, it’s more about the song being good. 

Is the underground scene vibrant ? We all know of the festivals in America, but what about the day to day gigs ?

You know, it just depends on where you are I guess. When we’re on the road all I know of this particular scene is what I’m seeing on this night, so it’s hard to judge. All in all though I’d say we’re usually pleased with the turnouts. Metal fans can be hard to win over for sure. I always think you’re doing something right if some hate you, some love you. But getting to play across the country, meet all kinds of bands and fans of metal, making new friends, is my favorite part of doing this. Short answer, fuck yeah! the underground metal scene is alive and well. 

Do you have any touring plans in support of the release ? If not touring, what is next on the agenda, are you writing more material for a next album ?

We already toured in support of Whips and Chains last year, but we have just finished recording four new songs and one cover to be released as an EP this fall. We also did a song for an upcoming Exciter tribute album that we are honored to be a part of. I believe the plan is to do a few shows this summer, maybe a mini tour,  then when the EP is released this fall, we’ll head to Europe for a couple weeks, come home and right back on the road here, doing dates to get to Ventura, CA in October to make our second appearance at Frost and Fire, which is an excellent festival put on by Jarvis from Night Demon. I know we’re all really looking forward to that.

This last Album succeeds a really great full length.What is the feedback so far?

Feedback from the album has been great. If I had just one person say they liked it I’d say that though. But I’ve seen people saying it was their favorite of the year, or top whatever number on their list. So I guess there are people who are digging it. I’m glad its found an audience. I’ve also seen a couple negative opinions out there. It might sound strange, but I like that as well. At least it made it to their ears, and I get it, it’s not for everyone. Like I said, I feel like you’re doing something right if some people hate what you’re doing, and some people love it. At least you got a reaction. 

Something that really catches one’s attention is the cover artwork. Powerful and dark. It’s satanic as hell . Reminds a lot of the Heavy Metal covers as they were back in the day. Whose idea was it and who was the designer ?

Yeah, the artist who does our covers is bad ass. We’ve never met the guy, his name is Christophe Moyen. French guy, thankfully our management got us hooked up with him somehow. Look him up, he does great work. We give him a general idea of what we want and let him do his thing. 

What are Savage Master plans for the future ? Are you going to focus on promoting the album and play in concerts and then take a break until your next album ?

Well, the band is really looking forward to getting this EP out, going back to Europe, touring the states again. Working hard at getting better and growing as a band, earning new fans, making new friends.  All that businesses. We fucking love what we do and are going to keep pushing it as far as it will take us. We would love to move into a bus and do the band thing full-time.  We’ll take it as it comes. 

Thank you very much for spent your time with us and good luck !!!

Hey my pleasure man, thank you for the support and the kind words.

Interviewer : Speedskullcrusher

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