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Hello, are you ready for an interview ? Which cools things happened in the camp of Destructor lately ?

Well, where do we star t? Lats year Destructor released a record on PureSteel Records titled Back in Bondage. This group of songs were written between 1986-1987. The band is also ready to release our next record on Puresteel records titled Decibel Casualties. I also signed a deal with a division of Puresteel records named PURE ROCK RECORDS to release my solo record. That band is named Vulgar Devils. Our first release came out this past December . The title of the record is Temptress of the dark.

Tell us more about the origin of Destructor. Which year was Destructor ? Where are the band members coming from ? In which outfits did they vociferate in the past ?

Destructor was formed in 1983. We were just a group of High School friends who wanted to play Heavy Metal.

If you had to describe your music in five words , which would you choose  Power Thrash Metal ? Even if you music is influenced by these two powerfull genres, would you say you are closer to old American violent Old Power / Thrash Metal ?

We really came out when the beginnings of thrash were happening in the United States. What influenced us was the hard rock and Metal of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s such as N.W.O.B.H.M.

Since a few years, Metal becomes more and more old school again, to a point listening to the new recordings could sometimes feel like it’s the end 80’s… I imagine it could please you! But then, from which perspective do you see the 10 previous , when metal was always becoming more modern, plastified, sometimes striving hard to forget what it initially was… Would you say these changes and evolutions were necessary, or would you consider it as strong development failures?

Everything was necessary but we are old school guys and we are very thankful that younger generations recognise this music and have gravitated towards it and for the older fans who never have changed their tastes.

I’m still not sure about the meaning of ” Destructor. “, except it stands for something like “Destruction”. Could you dissect the word on an etymological point of view, and tell us where it comes from? And what about the Destructor ? Was it a futuristic Viloence machine of total devastation?

Destructor is ment to describe our music. Destructor of the weak and the bullshit in this world.

You released 3 albums,. Which were the best and worse experiences? If you could change something on one of these albums, what would it be?

I would change nothing my friend. Every stage and record has it’s place and there will be more to continue this theme of old School Heavy Metal.

Did you collect the paper zines with Destructor reviews or interviews inside ? Perhaps you remember how many interviews were answered in the past ? Did you notice a pick of popularity for the band? Perhaps it happened at the time of the debut album Maximum Destruction ?

Destructor peaked in the years of 1986 and 87. Then unfortunately we had our Bass player Murdered. Dave Holocaust passing was a devastating blow for us and the record Deal we had signed with Island Records fell through. When the 1990’s and in the tastes changed and it wasn’t untill 1999 that the Band reformed realizing there was a resurgence of Heavy Metal around the world.

After the third album, did you write some songs that weren’t recorded or released ?

Yes and we are almost done writing yet another record to be released on PureSteel records in 2018.

Tell us more about the Destructor future. I know it’s easy to find infos on the web, but it’s always cooler to hear the words from someone who is in And perhaps you could give us crusty details ?

Destructor have plans to tour in 2018 and in this year 2017 we have various shows booked across the united states. We are supporting the last 2 records and selling merchandise on the web, mail order and at the many shows we have been playing.

How do you think your music will progress in the future ?

Ha, progress ? Not sure that’s happening. Destructor plan to never “change” but only to continue our path like the true Metal band that we are. We play fast, melodic and heavy. That’s it.

What do you think if I say that I’m the only Destructor Fan in Tunisia or maybe in Africa Continent ?

I say that’s fucking amazing and we thank you for the real support in part of the world that may just now be discovering our sound and other like minded bands….so cheers and thank you.

Thanks for your time answering my questions. I wish you the best of luck! Please close the interview in any way you like…

Destructor have been fortunate enough to have lasted as long as we have and we are very happy people, far and wide are still interested in what we do. There will be much more to come so to you <the fans, we salute you all and wish you the very best. Thank you- Dave Overkill .

 Interviewer : Speedskullcrusher 

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